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Red Dot Best of the Best 2024

The Red Dot: Best of the Best is awarded for innovative design granted only to the best design concepts. Smappee’s entire Smappee EV Line of chargers has been awarded this prestigious Red Dot Design Award.


Smappee has won two iF Design Awards, one of the world’s most renowned design accolades. Smappee’s winning products, the smart home charger EV One and the fast charger EV Ultra, both won in the product discipline, in the automotive category.

E-mobility Awards Winner 2024

The E-Mobility Awards seek out ingenuity, innovation and achievement across the sector. On January 25, 2024, at the British Motor Museum, we won the award for “E-mobility charging equipment development”.

Trends Gazellen nomination 2023

The Trends Gazellen 2023 award honours fast growing companies that positively reinforce the economic growth of their region. Smappee has been nominated for the Trends Gazellen 2023 award in West Flanders, Belgium.

The smarter E award Finalist 2022

The smarter E AWARD shines a spotlight on solutions and concepts that draw on renewable energy, decentralisation, and digitalisation to intelligently connect all aspects of energy in the electricity, heating and transportation sectors.

Cleantech Hero Mobility Finalist 2022

With the Cleantech Hero Mobility, Cleantech Flanders wants to publicise independent Flemish company that develops and commercialises innovative cleantech in the field of mobility in Belgium and/or abroad.

Sustainable Family Awards 2022 Finalist

Sustainable family wants people to experience how sustainability can enrich their lives. Every year they put sustainable Belgian and Dutch initiatives in the spotlight in 18 categories. Smappee was nominated by the public in the “Innovation” category.

EV Charger Innovation Award 2021

Every year, the Clean Energy Reviews team researches, tests, and examines hundreds of solar, EV and battery products. With the Innovation Awards, the most innovative products that stood out from the crowd are acknowledged.

Cleantech Hero Energy Finalist 2021

With the Cleantech Hero Energy, Cleantech Flanders wants to publicise Flemish companies that are making the transition to a sustainable world a reality in the energy sector on a national and/or international level.

The smarter E award Finalist 2021

The smarter E AWARD shines a spotlight on solutions and concepts that draw on renewable energy, decentralisation, and digitalisation to intelligently connect all aspects of energy in the electricity, heating and transportation sectors.


The iF DESIGN AWARD has been recognised as an arbiter of quality for exceptional design. For the 2021 edition, an international top-class panel of 91 experts has awarded Smappee with the iF Design Award 2021 for the design of the Smappee EV Base, Smappee’s intelligent EV charging stations for businesses.

Henry van de Velde 2021

The Henry van de Velde Awards is showcasing projects, products and services that demonstrate the added value of design in the broadest sense. For the 2021 edition, the jury selected 17 winners from 198 submissions and Smappee is one of them. Smappee’s very own charging station, Smappee EV Base, won the award in the category Business Innovation for its sustainable, innovative and beautiful design.

Artificial Intelligence Award 2020

The Artificial Intelligence Award 2020 is presented by Wealth & Finance International Magazine and acknowledges exemplary performance and innovation to those companies and key individuals involved within the rapidly evolving market of AI. The Smappee Infinity was awarded as most intelligent energy management system.

CEOs 4 Climate

CEOs 4 Climate is a network of climate-conscious entrepreneurs. C4C believes that businesses, like Smappee, play an important, positive role in fighting climate change. Via this network we want to inspire government regulation and other businesses in reversing climate change.

Solar Impulse Foundation label

Following the first successful solar flight around the world, the Solar Impulse Foundation is now selecting #1000solutions that are clean, profitable and protect the environment and Smappee is proud to be one of those solutions. Our solutions and services are specifically acknowledged for achieving four defined EU Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 7 for affordable and clean energy, SDG 9 for industry, innovation and infrastructure, SDG 11 for sustainable cities and communities and SDG 12 for responsible consumption and production.

Trends Gazellen 2020

The Trends Gazellen 2020 award honours fast growing companies that positively reinforce the economic growth of their region. Smappee was honoured with a third place as a small business ambassador for the Trends Gazellen 2020 award in West Flanders, Belgium.

Febeliec Energy Award 2018

By awarding the Febeliec Energy Award 2018, the Federation of Belgian Industrial Energy Consumers wishes to crown the most innovative solution for an aspect of the energy issue, relevant to the Belgian energy situation and applicable in Belgium. Smappee won the Febeliec Energy Award 2018 for the Smappee Infinity, the next revolution in smart energy technology.

Produkte des Jahres 2018

With the Produkte des Jahres awards, Elektrobörse Smarthouse wants to show how innovative the companies in electrical industry can be today, since innovations are the engine of our industry. We’re honoured to be the winner of the category Building Automation.

The smarter E award Finalist 2018

The smarter E AWARD highlights groundbreaking individual innovations and creates transparency in a complex subject area. The Outstanding Projects 2018 category focuses on the integration of renewable energy into, or replacement of traditional energy markets.

CES Innovation Awards Honoree 2018

Smappee has been named a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree for its latest energy monitor and home energy traffic controller, Smappee. Products taking part in this prestigious programme are judged by a team of industrial designers, independent engineers and members of the trade media to honour outstanding product design and cutting-edge engineering across 28 consumer product categories.

GCCA Later Stage Awards 2017

FCA nominated 10 of its Flemish Cleantech company members for the different categories of the GCCA Later Stage Award. This award selects the most promising Later Stage companies worldwide. All nominated companies are screened on their capacity to create value from their business model. Smappee was chosen the winner of the GCCA Later Stage Awards in the category “Green Building” by the assessment team of Corymbus, Inc. in Michigan/US.

Red Herring Top 100 Europe 2017

Smappee proudly announces to be part of the Red Herring Top 100 Europe, a prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the European business region. The Red Herring editorial team selected the most innovative companies from a pool of over 1200 companies in the telecommunications, security, cloud, software, hardware, biotech and mobile industries from across Europe.

Internet of Energy: Start-up Showcase Winner 2017

The Internet of Energy conference, held in Cologne from 7 to 8 March, focussed on “Disruptive Business Models – from selling electrons to selling services”. In the “Start-up Showcase” category, Smappee won from five other competitors for an independent four-man jury and was honoured for its business model.

Energy App Award 2017

Apps are playing a vital role in modern day media use. Their value and significance are constantly increasing – more and more companies are using app-based customer communication. The Energy App Award, in cooperation with the E-World Energy Trade Show, is intended to recognise this, and to reward innovative digital solutions which are particularly customer-friendly. The Smappee app, which empowers customers to use energy more efficiently, has won in the ‘Jury Category’.

Bringing tech&science closer to people 2017

Bringing tech&science closer to people is an international, digital campaign celebrating the greatest explorers and inventors, as well as the world-changing projects they are working on. With a reach of 2 million people from 100 countries and engagement of over 50 international partners – the aim is to support easier knowledge exchange and build the network of doers&makers, where top-notch innovative projects from all over the world are boosted with ideas, cooperation proposals, business offers.

Trends Business Tour Award 2016

The Trends Business Tour Award, organized by Trends in cooperation with ING and BDO, goes to creative, dynamic companies that excel in innovation and sustainability. At the award ceremony for West-Flanders, the Trends Business Tour Award 2016 was handed over to Smappee, as a reward for its commitment to both the environment and society.

Energy Productivity Innovation Challenge 2016

Energy Unlocked accelerates the energy transition to tackle climate change. #EPIC2016 was organised worldwide to elect and present the most innovative projects for 5 categories. Smappee, SolarCoin Foundation, ElectricChain, Freelio and Solcrypto teamed up as ElectraSeed. ElectraSeed firmly believes in the development and enrollment of micro-grids as the global solution for energy provision. For these plans, ElectraSeed has been selected as a winner in the category ‘homes’.

Energy Globe Award 2016

The Energy Globe Award brings worldwide projects to the fore that tackle the greatest environmental issues of today and tomorrow. The best initiative was chosen from each of the 177 participating countries. With much pride we can reveal that our founder Stefan Grosjean picked up the national award for Belgium. Smappee’s entry consists of giving consumers power and control over their own consumption and—if the user has solar panels—their own production too. In this way, each of us as individuals play our part in moving towards an environmentally conscious society.

Frost & Sullivan Industry Award 2015

The Frost and Sullivan Global Product Leadership Award evaluates participants for 2 categories of criteria. The first category is an assessment of the product itself : to what extent does the product match a need? How qualitative and reliable is it? What’s its added value and how does it score in terms of service, positioning and design? In the second category, the participating company is judged for business-related aspects, such as financial results, customer prospection, operational efficiency, growth potential and human capital. In 2015 Smappee was put forward as the best participant of the year and won the award. Another prestigious recognition of our work!

Batibouw Eco Award 2015

To encourage professionals and companies to build in an eco-friendly and sustainable way, Batibouw organizes the Eco Parcours and the Eco Award. The participating exhibitors have an eco-friendly philosophy, production method and product range in common. It is our greatest pleasure to announce that Smappee has received the Batibouw Eco Award 2015. Our mission is to change the attitude and habits of our customers, as we now that real, sustainable savings start with a behavioral change.

UX Design Award 2015

The UX Design Awards are intended for electronical products, digital solutions and services that focus on user-friendliness and design. Every year, a professional jury selects 50 ‘UX Design Award Nominated’ participants from the submissions. In 2015 Smappee was one of those 50, which proves our sense for design.

OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO 2014

With its Ecodesign Award PRO, the Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM) wants to reward designers for their ecological efforts. For its evaluation, the jury focuses on criteria such as eco-design and environmental product development. Another important element is the number of phases of the product life cycle, in which the participant takes into account ecological aspects. In 2014 Smappee won the Ecodesign Award PRO for the category ‘product on the market’. With this prize, OVAM wants to reward Smappee for the efforts made for the environment and for the energy Smappee users can save thanks to their product.

Henry van de Velde Label 2014

In 2014 Design Flanders organized the 21st edition of the Henry van de Velde Awards and Labels. Smappee was nominated and finally won the prize! Winning this award is a prestigious recognition. It confirms the high level of quality of Smappee’s work. With this prize, the organizer wants to stimulate the prize-winning participants to keep up the good work and continue their journey of experiment and creativity.

Deloitte Rising Star 2014

Every year 50 fast-growing technological companies compete for the Deloitte Technology Fast-50 Award. Participating companies that started their activities less than 5 years ago, are automatically eligible for the ‘Rising Star’-category. This title goes to the most successful technological start-up. An external jury evaluates the participants for their potential turn-over, their degree of innovation and their scalability. In 2014 Smappee was considered by Deloitte the most successful start-up, and ended up being the Rising Star 2014.

European Business Award for the Environment 2010

Stefan Grosjean, CEO at Smappee, has received multiple recognitions incl. “European Business Award for the Environment” in 2010. Stefan is an international expert in Smart Grids & Energy Management. He founded EnergyICT in 1991 and grew this company into a worldwide leader in the area of energy management solutions for Commercial & Industrial enterprises, DSO’s and utilities.

Entrepreneur of the year 2000

Stefan Grosjean, CEO at Smappee, has received multiple recognitions incl. “Entrepreneur of the year” in 2000. Stefan is an international expert in Smart Grids & Energy Management. He founded EnergyICT in 1991 and grew this company into a worldwide leader in the area of energy management solutions for Commercial & Industrial enterprises, DSO’s and utilities.