You have the power with the Smappee App

The Smappee App places smart charging and energy management firmly in your hands. Download the app now to make the most of optimizing your charging sessions and have everything at your fingertips to use energy in the cheapest and most efficient way.

Take charge the real smart way

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Charge with solar and the lowest rates

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Manage energy consumption with smart insights

Stay in control with simple settings

Smappee App Smart energy management

Smappee’s built-in smartness helps you save

Smappee’s smart features ensure that you will always be charged when you need to be. And at the best price. Built-in solar forecasting makes it easy to optimally charge with solar and our AI also cleverly regulates charging around the time with the lowest tariffs. Do you have to deal with capacity rates? No problem, we have a setting in the Smappee App to regulate that too. This way, you can save up to 50% on charging costs.

Smappee App Smart charging station

Be energy-wise with smart energy insights

Real-time and historical smart energy insights in the Smappee App make it easy to manage your energy wisely and charge in the cheapest way. The Smappee Infinity energy management system that integrates with our chargers also creates insights into the energy consumption of your building. You can see overall consumption at a glance and easily pinpoint the biggest energy guzzlers in your building. Simple settings help you control capacity and variable rates to ensure that you always use your energy in the most optimized way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smappee’s real smart charging relies on sophisticated data exchange systems that are automated and integrated with AI to ensure the most economical, well-timed, driver-oriented and infrastructure-friendly solution.

Smappee’s real smart charging makes it hands-free to always charge at the best rates, with maximum solar energy and avoiding exorbitant capacity rates, which can save you up to 50% on charging costs. You can also rest assured that your EV will always be charged at the time and level you require. Another real smart feature of Smappee, load balancing, protects your building (no tripping) and can save you up to 25% on installation costs.

The Smappee Dashboard is available in English, Dutch, French and German. The Smappee mobile App is available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. 

Smappee uses and enforces high levels of information security and data privacy. We have implemented, and will continue to implement, appropriate security measures to prevent hackers and other unauthorized access to your personal information.

Access to clients’ data is only granted to those employees who need your personal information to be able to do their jobs. Firewalls and data encryption further ensure data privacy throughout the company. 

All information in the Smappee cloud is guarded by strong encryption protocols as that is where communication with clients’ Smappee devices takes place. The Smappee smart cloud is a Smappee innovation that puts a further level of security between our electric vehicle charging stations and third-party payment backend technology. It provides an encrypted connection where your data and readings are converted into the user-friendly statistics displayed on the Smappee app. 

You’ll find more details of how Smappee handles and stores clients’ personal information in our privacy statement.

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