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Smart energy management for home and business | Smappee

Smart energy management

Maximize efficiency and cut costs with the advanced smart energy management features of the Smappee Infinity.


All-in-one smart energy management system

Smappee Infinity offers a single solution for voltage monitoring and dynamic load balancing between solar, EV, and other appliances in the home and buildings through a cloud-based application interface. New phase measurement capabilities allow the Infinity modules and gateway to aggregate more data, reducing costs for (multi)family and enterprise systems.


A modular solution for every energy need

Our comprehensive energy management offering means you can pick and choose the features and services you need from Modbus energy metering for multi-sites to smart EV charging and optimised self-consumption. Discover the different Smappee modules.

The Smappee CT Hub gathers energy data by measuring different currents with up to 4 CTs or Rogowski Coils. Use the Smappee Solid Core 3-phase CT as a simple and cost-efficient alternative. Or add a Smappee Input module to count pulses or monitor input status with up to 4 digital inputs.

The Smappee Power Box measures the line voltage of the connected phases, collects the currents from the CTs and calculates power, active, reactive and other energy and power quality data.

The Smappee Genius is the gateway between the Smappee modules and the Smappee Cloud and ensures secure data storage. It also interacts with Smappee’s controlling modules and 3rd party components. Use the Smappee Connect or Wi-Fi Connect as a cost-efficient way to add communication to the Smappee Infinity. Read our guide to choose the right Smappee gateway.

Control (a group of) appliances remotely with the Smappee Output module. The Output module can also be used as a control signal for smart devices. On top of that, you can integrate car chargers and third party IoT products via the Smappee App. Finally, set up rules to connect and control smart devices with the Smappee Automations and schedule your car charging sessions with the Smappee App.


Low-cost, quick installation with smart energy management

Thanks to its quick and easy installation and low maintenance costs, Smappee Infinity’s total cost of ownership compares favourable with other competing solutions. The compact plug-and-play system is robust and reliable, with hubs connecting current clamps (CTs) or Rogowski Coils. That way you spend less time on the setup and more time on saving energy for you and your customer.

Charging management

Fast, accurate submetered data

Smappee collects real-time and historical production and consumption data, down to the appliance level. It does this by offering the most complete set of submetering options available on the market. Accurately submeter at the source by attaching current clamps or modules for data measurement to the distribution panel. Supplement with the Smappee Switch to submeter from the power outlet. Use Smappee’s patented NILM (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring) to detect appliances and their estimated consumption by attaching a clamp on the power cable.

Smappee Infinity energy management

A global, future-proof solution for smart energy management

The energy management system is future-proof and can adapt to any scenario, allowing over-the-air updates and extra modules to be added at any time. Smappee Infinity is a global solution that is compatible with all inverters and almost any electrical installation worldwide. Thanks to the compact hardware, it fits easily into almost any distribution panel. Once the system is up and running, maintenance requires little effort, resulting in a low TCO.


Some of our success stories


The perfect fit for the Claes Retail Group’s sustainability philosophy

When your building is designed to meet sustainability standards, it’s only natural to also seek high-quality green mobility.

Deceuninck’s green car policy

Deceuninck successfully tackles integrating sustainability into all aspects of their operations by improving their energy efficiency and adopting a fully electric fleet.

Milieu Service Nederland bolsters 
its electrification focus

How to prepare your logistic fleet for the future? The addition of AC & DC chargers gave a considerable boost the transition to an electric fleet.

HeiligHart Hospital emphasizes their sustainability philosophy

Hospitals look after their patients, visitors, and staff in many ways. Providing charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles is just one of those ways.

Cotton Park Business Park invests in future proof charging stations

A contemporary business centre without facilities for electric vehicles? Not acceptable, according to Cotton Park Business Center.

Luxaviation increases mobility comfort

Charging your car while at work or on the road should be easy, right? Luxaviation has created convenient charging options for customers, suppliers, and its employees.

Enerdo reduces its electricity bill

How do you ensure optimal energy usage in your business while also meeting the needs of employees with fully electric vehicles? Thanks to Smappee Enerdo can do both every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An energy management system will allow you to cut ever-rising energy costs and facilitate self-consumption, using the renewable energy produced to its fullest. To do that, you need real-time, actionable energy insights and the ability to automate the energy flows on your premises. Appliances need to switch on or off automatically according to your tariffs or when production peaks or is at a low and surplus energy needs to be stored for later. Smappee allows just that, paving the way for a future in which buildings are decentralised energy hubs without having to compromise on comfort.

Smappee Infinity is a truly comprehensive energy management system that gives clients the insights, data and tools to manage their energy consumption and optimize their use of renewable energy. 

It allows you to add solar, gas and water to get a detailed overview of all energy flows and manage them to take full advantage of all self-generated energy. Smappee’s dynamic load balancing ensures that 100% of the generated solar power is used and stored in your batteries instead of returning excess energy to the grid. This brings about big savings for clients and best of all, the process is automatic. 

Submeters further measure just how much energy a specific appliance or area in a home or building uses at any given time. All this behind-the-scenes technology comes together in the Smappee app where you’ll be able to see exactly how much energy is being used by which appliance at any given time. Clients usually can see which ones consistently use the most energy within the first few weeks. This will help you to change your energy behavior to prevent these energy guzzlers from pushing up your energy bill.

Even the installation of the Smappee Infinity energy management system is done efficiently and cost-effectively. First, the device is installed in the distribution panel and then it is configured with the installation wizard in the Smappee app. Maintenance is minimal, updates are done over the air and adding to your system later won’t take more than 10 minutes. In other words, Smappee Infinity has been designed to save you time and money right from the start.

Smappee Infinity provides users with the most comprehensive, future-proof, smart energy offering on the market. The modular and global solution delivers increased energy efficiency thanks to detailed, real-time energy consumption data with not just one, but three methods for submetering electricity. Add solar, gas and water for a complete overview of all your energy flows at a glance. Smappee Infinity is easy to install and to integrate with IoT services, and features optimised self-consumption and smart charging, delivering exceptional value both for your residential and business customers.

Yes. Thanks to the dynamic load balancing functionalities, Smappee Infinity is capable of automatically steering energy to appliances in the order of your preference, storing it in the battery or switching appliances on or off in the most energy-efficient way. As such, Smappee Infinity optimises auto-consumption and enables self-sufficiency. 

We know every customer is different. So, we’ve developed Smappee Infinity with flexibility in mind. Our comprehensive offering means you can pick and choose the features and services you need from Modbus energy metering for multi-sites to smart EV charging and optimised self-consumption. Do you need more control, data or services over time? No problem! Thanks to the modularity of Smappee Infinity, you can always build on the existing solution to meet your updated needs. Put together your Smappee Infinity installation with data measurement, data calculation, data communication and optional control modules. Discover the different Smappee modules for these different features and services.

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