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fast charging

Discover the ultimate convenience of Smappee Smartstop.
Strategically located and easily accessible,
you can charge with guaranteed green energy
at the best price.

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Always green

Smappee Smartstop commits to sustainability. Smappee’s smart AI makes it possible to charge up to 100% with local renewable energy. We help you drive the energy transition forward.

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Compatible with all electric vehicles and charge cards

No matter what EV you drive, or which charging card you have, Smartstop has you covered. Our charging stations are universally compatible, so you can rest assured that you can always keep the wheels turning.

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Easy and fast

Simply plug in your car, swipe your EV charging card or scan the QR code and start charging immediately. With the Smappee App, you can monitor your charging process and data in real time.

Smappee Smartstop charging stations

Host a Smappee Smartstop

Are you a location owner keen to increase foot traffic and bring in healthy revenue? With a Smappee Smartstop at your location you’ll not only help drive the transition to a greener future forward, but also attract customers to your property and maximise your earnings.