Building your energy services with Smappee.

The energy market is in disruption, shifting the value from selling kilowatt-hours to on demand energy services. Smappee offers the platform to respond to these evolutions as they happen. From utility-grade submetering to real-time energy trading and energy-as-a-service. With our future-proof and modular technology you are set to provide the energy services of the future, today.

Offer Energy-as-a-service (EaaS).

Accelerate your business as an aggregator or energy service provider (ESP) with Smappee’s turnkey solution. Rather than only supplying kilowatt-hours, offer subscription-based energy services through monitoring, automated remote control and optimisation of loads and energy consumption. All of this without discomforting the customer. Implement dynamic pricing mechanisms, such as time-of-use tariffs, spot market prices, real-time energy stock exchange pricing and offer your customers the Smappee tariff. This way, they always benefit from the most advantageous rate.

Secure, utility-grade submetering.

When offering data-driven energy services, the accuracy and reliability of your energy measurements are paramount. Smappee’s patented technology continuously checks its data against the measurements of the grid operator’s meter offering accurate and reliable data. Add a Smappee MID meter to bill your services based on the Smappee data. The measurements, calculations, storage, and communications are done within the Smappee ecosystem and cloud, adding an extra layer of security.

Gateway to real-time energy services.

Smappee helps Balance Responsible Parties (BRP) to balance their portfolio and to control energy consumption based on real-time energy prices from energy stock exchanges such as BELPEX and NordPool. This way, Smappee enables companies to quickly develop on demand energy services that provide additional value to their business and their customers. Whether by supporting the grid in the event of a positive or negative imbalance or by purchasing and selling energy when prices are most favourable to achieve cost savings. Read use case.

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