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Cotton Park invests in the installation of EV charging stations

Smappee - autoconsumption - PV Europe

The business centre Cotton Park in Kortrijk, Belgium, has commissioned the installation of 56 Smappee charging points. As a result, the 20 or so companies that rent office space there will soon be able to further invest in electric cars for their employees. Read full article in PV Europe.

Best smart electric vehicle chargers

Number 1. Smappee EV Wall. ‘The EV Wall, released early in 2021, includes the Infinity system to offer advanced smart charging modes and scheduled charging options to maximise solar self-consumption.’ Read full review at Clean Energy Reviews.

New charging station brings smart solar charging to Irish market.

Smappee - autoconsumption - PV Europe

‘The Belgian clean-tech company Smappee recently launched its EV Line in Ireland. EV Line is a series of smart and future-proof charging stations. A key feature is their integrated energy management technology.’ Read full article in PV Europe.

Home energy management advances open electricity ratemaking opportunities.

Smappee smart energy management on Forbes

‘The Smappee Infinity device offers a single solution for voltage monitoring and dynamic load balancing between solar, EV, and other appliances in the home through a cloud-based application interface. New phase measurement capabilities allow the Infinity meters and gateway to aggregate more data, reducing costs for multifamily and enterprise systems.’ Read full article in Forbes.

GreenFlux announces Smappee partnership to enhance Smart Charging offering.

GreenFlux and Smappee smart charging

‘Reaching a state of positive cashflow as quickly as possible can be the difference between survival or death in this industry,’ adds Verheijen, ‘These smart charging solutions can save tens of thousands of euros in electrical installation costs per location.’ Read full article at GreenFlux.

A powerful partnership offers better energy monitoring for Australia.

Smappee on Solarclap Australia

‘Smappee’s highly innovative solution will allow Your Energy Partner to provide a value-add to their clients, with the provision of a full energy monitoring package to help them track their solar-generated savings. This includes ways they may be able to further reduce their bills and monitor the performance of their solar panels (and when to clean them).’ Read full article in SolarClap.

EVBox partners Smappee, launches new smart charging solution.

EVBox - Smappee - Smart charging - Current

‘Smart Charging features are highly requested in the EV charging market right now, and thanks to us teaming up with Smappee we can now offer such features including dynamic load balancing and integration with solar panels.’ Read full article in Current.

EVBox installs 40 EV charging points at The Outlook building in Schiphol, Netherlands.

Smart EV Charging at Microsoft The Outlook in Schiphol by Smappee, EVBox and ENGIE.

‘Microsoft employees working at The Outlook building in the Netherlands, managed by Schiphol Real Estate, can charge their electric cars at one of the 40 new EVBox charging points. Interestingly enough, the building’s infrastructure actually allowed for only 17 charging points to be installed. This is where Smappee’s smart energy management comes into play.’ Read full article in New Mobility.

NantEnergy, Alfen, celebrate commercial battery-plus-solar installs in US and Europe.

Alfen - Smappee - Nantenergy

‘The Netherlands-headquartered system integrator and technology provider Alfen has supplied a 2.5MWh battery energy storage system to the headquarters of Smappee, the energy management technology company which recently struck a deal to roll out its EV smart charging solutions globally.’ Read full article in Energy Storage News.

10 companies making a difference with IT.

Smappee Infinity - IT - Aliter Networks

‘Smappee is helping consumers track and reduce their domestic energy consumption. Not only does the user become more mindful, but they’re able to lower their energy bills. Simple, but effective.’ Read full article on Aliter networks.

Eco-friendly products selected by Green Builder’s editors.

Smappee - autoconsumption - Green builder - 50 Hot Products - US

‘Smappee is also the only energy monitor that can be programmed as an energy traffic controller in the home.’ Read full article in Green Builder.

VARTA Storage with strong network partners at Intersolar.

Smappee - VARTA Storage - energy storage - self consumption - alternergymag

‘To ensure that energy can be successfully saved, it makes sense to first of all record the consumption of the individual devices in the home. This is where the energy monitor from Smappee comes into play. Combined with VARTA’s energy storage units this provides enormous savings potential.’ Read full article in Alternative energy magazine.

The Smarter E Europe: The meeting point for the new energy world in Munich.

Smappee - self consumption - off grid - PV Magazine

“We at Smappee and the whole industry are bundling our efforts to make the energy transition happen, to optimize the generation, storage and the use of solar energy in our homes…” says Stefan Grosjean, CEO of Smappee.’ Read full article in PV Magazine Global.

Smart home, monitoring on steroids, blockchain & startup fundamentals with Stefan Grosjean of Smappee

Smappee - energy monitor - solar - blockchain - suncast - nico johnson - US

‘Smappee is WAY more than just a monitoring device: it basically connects everything in the home, it integrates Blockchain and Smappee is a door-opener for solar installers to get into offering smart home services!’, Nico Johnson. Listen to podcast on Suncast.

Builders imagine homes of the future — but some of their dreams are available today.

Smappee - energy monitor - Matt power - Green Builder - South Portland - Maine - Washington Post - US

‘We need people to start competing with themselves and each other to see who can use the least resources. For example, an app called Smappee is available to monitor how much electricity is being used by every device in your house.’ Read full article in The Washington Post.

Take control of the energy use in your home, especially if you’re using solar.

Smappee - Solar - Autoconsumption - Richard Ness - Embedded Computing Design - US

‘With Smappee you can take control of the energy use in your home, especially if you’re using solar. Aimed at the growing number of homes with solar and other renewable technologies, Smappee Plus acts like an energy traffic cop by directing the energy flow within the home to maximize energy efficiency.’ Read full article in Embedded Computing Design.

Smappee Switch: control of home appliances and energy consumption.

Smappee - autoconsumption - PV Europe

‘For contractors and installers partnering with Smappee, the launch of the Switch provides them with the most complete smart energy management. Smappee’s ecosystem allows for unmatched flexibility and innovation for existing, new or to-be-built homes, says the firm.’ Read full article in PV Magazine Europe.

Smappee App Joins the “Works with Nest” Ecosystem.

Smappee - Nest - the News -US

‘Smappee App Joins the “Works with Nest” Ecosystem. Smappee users already have all kinds of smart home possibilities thanks to the integration of Smappee into various Internet of Things (IoT) platforms. They can connect the devices in their home and control them using triggers.’ Read full article in The News.

Partnership with Nest helps boost home energy management.

Smappee - energy monitor - energy savings - Pamela Largue - Metering & Smart Energy - US

‘The solution enable homeowners to identify energy efficiency potentials through access to real time data regarding on-site energy generation, storage and use.’ Read full article in Metering & Smart Energy.

Smappee Energy Monitor Now Works With Nest.

Smappee - Nest - Automated Home

‘Smappee’s app enables the “Works with Nest” ecosystem, allowing homeowners to monitor and control heating and other energy consumption via a single app.’ Read full article in Automated Home.

How data analytics is adding value in the smart home.

Smappee - smart home - Smart Cities Dive - US

‘The storage, analysis and delivery of smart home data to a user platform involves multiple technologies and processes. For example, some energy monitors, such as Smappee, locally employ analytics because the device produces copious amounts of granular data, and it does not make sense to send all of this information to the cloud.’ Read full article in Smart Cities Dive.

Cash Points: Splash out on this nifty tech and watch the pounds come rolling back in.

Smappee - tech - Metro

‘Splash out on this nifty tech and watch the pounds come rolling back in. Let’s get fuse-ical with Smappee.’ Read full article in Metro.

On the Scene: 11 cool things we saw at Intersolar 2017.

Smappee - CES - Chris Crowell - Solar Builder

‘The Smappee is the coolest thing we saw the entire week.’ Read full article in Solar Builder.

Blockchain for renewable energy.

‘SolarCoin is a digital currency like bitcoin. If your domestic solar panel creates 1 MwH of energy, you receive 1 SolarCoin. This solarcoin is kept in an online wallet and earn automatically by a Smappee energy monitor.’ Read full article in Make A Smart City.

Where smart meter rollouts are going wrong – and how to put it right.

‘Fun is an essential factor in getting consumers to engage. The same goes for energy. If we want consumers to cut back on energy use, we need to make it engaging.’ – CEO Stefan Grosjean. Read full article in Utility Week.

Blockchain technology is coming to the solar panels on your roof.

Smappee - solar panels - SolarCoin - Blockchain - Quartz - Joon Ian Wong

‘Two-thirds of Smappee’s users have solar panels, which they can now use to earn a cryptocurrency called SolarCoin.’ Read full article on Quartz.

25 incredible internet of things start-ups to watch.

Smappee - IoT - Solarcoin - Blockchain - Silicon Republic

‘Smappee listed on Silicon Republic’s ’25 incredible Internet of Things start-ups to watch in 2017′. A recent development is that owners with solar panels can now use them to earn a cryptocurrency called SolarCoin, incentivising them to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to their own homes’. Read full article on Silicon Republic.

An energy revolution is coming. Meet the startups leading the charge.

Smappee - energy revolution - self consumption - Wired

‘We’re in the middle of a small-scale energy revolution – and it’s startups (like Smappee) rather than big energy firms, that are forcing the change.’ Read full article on Wired.

15 “Green Apps” to Track Energy Usage.

‘All information is provided to users in real time, and will display energy costs for the previous 30 days. An added benefit to this app is that it can pinpoint the essential appliances in a user’s home. From there, one can determine overall cost and energy consumption.’ Read full article in Electric Choice.

Top 10 Internet of Things Companies Disrupting the Energy Industry.

Smappee - Disruptor Daily

‘Smappee incorporates the needs of both the consumer and the environment when designing their product.’ Read full article in Disruptor Daily.

Environmental campaigners argue the personal is political.

Financial Times

‘We all have a personal carbon footprint and we can do something about it. There are factors in our control.’ Read full article in Financial Times.

This monitor shows you exactly how much power each of your gadgets is sucking from the grid.

Smappee - Fast Company

‘Smappee lets you into the deep, dark secrets of your electric bill. Once you know what’s happening, your life—and energy use—will never be the same.’ Read full article in Fast Company

Smappee vs. Sense vs. CURB Home Energy Monitor Comparison.

‘If you’re interested in tracking your energy usage over the long-term, Smappee may be a good choice for you’, Kate Whitney. Read full article in Pickmysolar.

Advanced Energy monitoring system hits U.S. market.

‘Ideally suited for homes with solar and other renewable technologies, Smappee Plus acts as an energy traffic controller by directing the energy flow within a user’s home to maximize both energy efficiency and clean energy payback.’ Read full article in Builder Online.

Smappee brings home energy monitoring system to U.S. solar market.

Smappee - Solar - Solar Power World - US

‘Smappee also provides solar professionals with a direct route into the growing smart home market with a superior differentiated product that sets them apart in an increasingly competitive solar market.’ Read full article in Solar Power World.

25 startups committed to cleaner energy for commercial buildings.

Smappee - cleaner energy - start up - Control Solutions Inc

‘Smappee is one of the 25 Startups committed to cleaner energy for commercial buildings.’ Read full article in Control Solutions Inc.

Smappee home energy monitoring comes to US market.

Smappee - energy efficiency - energy monitor - Solar Novus Today - US

‘Smappee Home Energy Monitoring Comes to US Market. The Smappee Plus will be sold exclusively to solar distributors and installers. The company aims to address the recurring issue of high customer acquisition costs.’ Read full article in Solar Novus Today.