Gain insights and control over energy consumption and production for greater energy savings. Easily access and use real-time, actionable energy data for electricity, solar, gas and water.

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Smappee - energy data - energy savings - energy monitoring

Discover and save your energy data efficiently.

Gain accurate, real-time insights into (standby) energy consumption and energy guzzlers. The user-friendly Smappee app and Smappee Dashboard ensure a clear and comprehensive overview of energy flows, wherever you are. Figures are visualized in a comprehensive way: by day, week, month or year, or even in projections and costs for electricity, solar energy, gas and water. Get the most out of the Smappee app.Analyze and save energy with the Smappee Dashboard.

Access complete submetering.

Smappee offers the most complete insight into the energy consumption of appliances or group of appliances. Use Smappee Plus and Pro for accurate submetering by installing clamps in the fusebox or connect a Smappee Switch to a specific appliance. Smappee also identifies certain household appliances via its unique patented NILM technology or load disaggregation technology.Three ways to submeter appliances.How does Smappee's NILM technology work?

Smappee technology - appliance recognition - NILM

Optimized self-consumption for greater savings.

View real-time data for energy production, consumption, always-on power, gas and water. And, control how and when energy is used to optimize your self-consumption and save energy.Smappee - auto consumption - battery - EV - solar

Smappee - Internet of Things - smart home - OEM

The gateway to a world of IoT solutions.

Smappee uses the MQTT smart home protocol, paving the way for a huge range of smart home products and services. Control smart devices from your Smappee app, use your Smappee data on smart home platforms and talk to the Smappee monitors with smart home operating systems. Discover Smappee’s compatible IoT solutions here.

WWF loves Smappee technology.

Jean-Philippe Denruyter, Manager for Applied Energy Solutions of WWF, has the following to say on the subject: “Nobody leaves a tap running. And yet everybody wastes energy. Smappee helps you detect invisible energy consumption. It is an easy and affordable way to gain valuable insights and more control over your energy consumption." Read more about WWF's experience with Smappee here.

Smappee - WWF and Smappee

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