Charge smartly with the Smappee Smart Cloud

The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is the standard language used by charging stations and payment backends to exchange information about charging sessions. With most manufacturers, this exchange happens locally, but Smappee has taken an innovative approach by putting a smart cloud between its chargers and third-party payment backends. The cloud provides an encrypted connection for the exchange of data, ensuring greater security, intelligence, and integration with other systems. This is what makes Smappee’s charging stations future-proof in the rapidly evolving EV scene.

Smappee Smart Cloud

In this blog post, we will dive into the 5 key advantages of Smappee’s smart cloud approach. 

1. Always charge with the cheapest energy

Because Smappee processes all data in real-time in the cloud, EV drivers can enjoy truly smart charging. This way, Smappee ensures you always charge your car as cheaply as possible. 

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This is achieved by optimizing solar power through using prediction. Other charging stations only use real-time export, whilst Smappee’s Artificial Intelligence considers weather forecasts, the desired charge, and the charging session end time.

Savings are ensured by optimizing the charging cost based on off-peak rates, dynamic tariffs, and capacity rates. Smappee is unique in being able to offer this groundbreaking feature.

2. Meet the needs of your electric drivers and of your building

Through dynamic load balancing, Smappee combines the energy requirements of your building with the charging needs of EV drivers. EV drivers can conveniently control and specify when they wish to depart and with how much charge. 

Smappee will dynamically direct the energy flows to the charging stations so that both the needs of the EV driver and the building are met. This way, Smappee guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. 

3. Secure and reliable at any time

Security is the top priority. Smappee uses the reliable OCPP protocol and secure, encrypted communication between charging stations and the cloud to protect user data. In the event of data connection failure, the charging stations have a built-in fail-safe system

Smappee charge smart with cloud

The last 10 charging cards used at a station are stored locally, so ongoing sessions can be continued, and frequent users can start new sessions. Energy measurements are stored for 48 hours. Once the connection is restored, data is shared with the cloud and payment backend. 

Additionally, the default value for overload protection drops to the minimum charge current to avoid any power surge.

The cloud approach also enables remote support, both first and second line, via the dashboard.

4. Open and compatible with third-party systems

One of the key advantages of Smappee’s smart cloud is its openness. The system is easily integrated with other third-party systems and features, making it a versatile solution for a variety of different applications. By using the OCPP standard, Smappee’s smart cloud can be connected to a payment platform, an existing backend system, or even legacy chargers, enabling them to be managed by Smappee’s smart charging management. This makes it a perfect solution for companies looking to retrofit their existing charging infrastructure with a more advanced and reliable system.

In addition to its integration capabilities, Smappee’s smart cloud also allows for detailed energy consumption and production data as well as charging data to be shared with other systems via Smappee’s REST API and MQTT interface. This ensures greater transparency and control over all energy usage. The API is easy to use and developer friendly, which makes it straightforward to integrate with other systems.

5. Future-proof thanks to over-the-air updates

Smappee Smart Cloud

No need for any on-site maintenance or downtime. Smappee’s smart cloud enables seamless updates to the charging stations’ firmware and new features. These over-the-air updates grow the product over time, allowing businesses to stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of new developments in the industry, while also ensuring that their charging infrastructure is always up-to-date and competitive.

Overall, Smappee’s smart cloud solution offers several benefits over traditional, locally controlled charging systems. Its flexibility, security, and integration capabilities make it a great choice for anyone looking to implement new or retrofit existing EV charging infrastructure.

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