Charging with a EV charging card from Smappee

Do your employees charge their company cars at home or at a charging station at work? With the Smappee charge card, your employees can easily recharge their electric car, and we ensure the correct billing of all charging sessions. All it takes is a simple swipe with the charge card, and we do the rest.

Smappee EV charge card

Apply for your EV charging cards

You can easily charge your electric vehicle fleet by ordering our charge passes. You or your employees pay for the charging sessions, and we do the rest. Or use charging passes to make your charging stations accessible to employees only and apply different discounts. This way, your employees have a single charging card for charging at home and at the office.

EV Load management charging solutions

Convenient management of all charging sessions

Our online dashboard gives you an overview of all charging sessions and costs via your EV charging cards. Transparent management for yourself and your employees, if they drive an electric company vehicle.

EV charging solutions for home

Split billing

Are you using your Smappee charge card to charge a company car at home? If so, Smappee Services bills the employer quickly and automatically via split billing. At the end of the month, the employer receives an invoice and employees receive payment for the charging sessions. It’s simple and transparent!

EV Emobility charging solutions

Access to over 250,000 charging points

The Smappee App gives users access to more than 250,000 public charge points in Europe. Use the handy navigation map in the Smappee App to find the charging point nearest to you, including up-to-date information on availability, charging speed and rates.

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