The ingenuity of Smappee technology.

The Smappee platform is your all-in-one Power Management system offering detailed real-time and historical energy data and power quality analysis. It give you the ability to take control of your loads to improve your energy efficiency and reduce your risk to catastrophic equipment failures. It offers intelligent automation to simplify your cost savings while ensuring cyber security of your data.

Offer Energy-as-a-service (EaaS).

Accelerate your business as an aggregator or energy service provider with Smappee’s turnkey solutions. Take control of your customers energy, offering them preferred rates and discounts while you take advantage of Smappee’s energy visibility and advanced energy efficiency and saving mechanisms to drive profitability into your organization.

Complete submetering.

Smappee offers the most complete and comprehensive set of submetering options available on the market allowing your company to lock in the level of accuracy, installation requirements and budget that best fits your specific needs. Get an accurate energy usage for cost allocation, tenant billing and various submetering applications. Provide a comprehensive utility costing, use Smappee as an indicator of potential upcoming failure and monitor state changes (low/high) to trigger other processes.

Interconnectivity for energy efficiency projects.

In addition to a full range of data options, Smappee helps facilitate control over appliances to further optimize energy usage. Use the standard Smappee automations and eco-system and the pre-set automations to easily control devices based on Smappee data. In addition, Smappee is compatible with third party products and services and several standards and communication protocols. Expand your business by integrating Smappee technology, enabling energy management and advanced services.

Partners trust our technology

Nobody leaves a tap running. And yet everybody wastes energy. Smappee helps you detect invisible energy consumption. It is an easy and affordable way to gain valuable insights into and more control over your energy consumption. 

Jean-Philippe Denruyter, Manager for Applied Energy Solutions of WWF

Thanks to Smappee Infinity I get a perfect overview of my business’ electricity, fuel and water consumption. This means I can take immediate, calculated decisions which can help me save costs right away.

Albert Burger, owner of Spar SaveMor supermarket in South Africa

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