One-stop-shop for a fully integrated energy solution.

The smart energy transition is happening so why not find a trusted partner who stays one step ahead of the rapidly changing technology? By collaborating with Smappee, you can rest assured that you will be opting for a future-proof and integrated energy management solution.

Turnkey energy solution.

Smappee is your one-stop development OEM partner, with a suite of vertically and horizontally integrated solutions. Smappee monitors not just consumption but also production, providing granular real-time, historical and projected data down to the appliance level. In addition to a full range of data options, we also help facilitate control of appliances to further optimise energy usage.

Gateway to real-time energy services.

Smappee helps Balance Responsible Parties (BRP) to balance their portfolio and to control energy consumption based on real-time energy prices from energy stock exchanges such as BELPEX and NordPool. This way, Smappee‘s integrated solution enables companies to rapidly develop on demand energy services that provide additional value to their business and their customers. Whether by supporting the grid in the event of a positive or negative imbalance or by purchasing and selling energy when prices are most favourable to achieve cost savings. Read use case.

Gateway to charging services.

Are you a charging square owner that wants to monetise his/her EV stations or are you a Fleet Manager that wants to compensate its employees for charging their company EVs at home? Or are you a private individual who wants to open his/her charging station for public charging? Smappee’s charging management services offer an integrated solution for every situation that requires clear insight into the charges and the associated revenues or costs. From split billing to CPO and e-MSP services, it’s all possible within the Smappee ecosystem. Moreover, you can be sure of accurate and reliable payment to your account.

Interoperability: fast development and integration.

At Smappee, we know that interoperability is critical for OEM integration. We work with our API, IP based connections and standards such as REST, MQTT and OCPP to quickly develop new use cases and speed up integration. Our “Works With” page lists the IoT products and platforms that we are already compatible with; by using Smappee’s integrated solution, you are also integrating with many other products and technologies. Read use case.

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