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Simple and correct settlement of charging sessions, thanks to split billing.

Switching to an electric or hybrid fleet is in full swing at companies. The traditional fuel card is gradually being replaced by a charging card, but that has an important consequence that’s not always considered beforehand: the correct settlement of employees’ charging costs. Smappee has an in-house solution for this that will be music to the ears, especially that of the administrative department.

What is split billing for a charging station?

Thanks to split billing, you can separate the charging costs for your electric company car from the household energy consumption. Smart charging stations such as those from Smappee provide the perfect insight into the charging sessions and costs using a dashboard or app, so you can simply and easily pass on the costs to your company or employer. In addition, employers can also choose to install a charging station with their employees when they have an electric company car, and conclude a split-billing contract with a third party that takes care of the follow-up, invoicing and reimbursement of the charging costs to their employees on their behalf.

Oversight of each charging session.

Of course, employees also want to be able to charge at home using their own charging station. Many companies want to reimburse these charging costs, so that their company car users can enjoy full coverage of the refuelling costs just like before. Other situations are also possible, where employees without a company car wish to charge their private vehicle using the company charging stations. In that case, the company may actually want to pass on the costs to the employee. Reaching an agreement about this is fine, and technically there are no obstacles to do that either. But how do you do the settlement correct, efficient and transparent afterwards? This can be done via split billing for the charging sessions at each charging station that is connected to your organisation.

How split billing works via Smappee Services.

Smappee offers a split billing function via Smappee Services that ensures the correct settlement and handling of charging costs. This function completely relieves employers of the correct monthly reimbursement of their employees for charging at home. Activating a split-billing contract is simple: the fleet manager logs in to the Smappee Dashboard and fills in all payment details for the company. He can then create new split billing agreements between employer and employee. In each agreement, the employer states the name, mail and reimbursement rates for charging. Then, the agreement goes to the employee to complete his payment details, confirm the agreement and sign the contract. As soon as the contract is signed, invoicing and reimbursement is fully automated. Every month, Smappee Services automatically invoices the employer with the full amount, and reimburses each employee correctly. Through the invoice or the Smappee Dashboard, the employer always has a complete and transparent overview of all charging per employee and the amount that he will be refunded at the end of the month.

Do you have an electric fleet, or will you be switching soon? Find more information about the split billing and other payment options that the Smappee EV Line charging stations offer here. Interested? Fill in the contact form , and we will contact you.

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