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Keep your EV fleet on the road with our reliable charging solutions

Want to switch to an electric fleet? Smappee’s reliable charging solutions help you to get on the road quickly and reliably. Our comprehensive charging solutions for logistics companies will keep your fleet fully charged and ready to go as scheduled. What’s more, our charging stations are smart, scalable, and cost-effective.

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A reliable charging solution for your electric fleet

Smappee’s charging solutions give fleet owners and operators peace of mind, knowing that every electric truck and van will be charged in time and on schedule. Our sophisticated technology will allow you to adjust the settings for individual vehicles and monitor each truck and van’s charging session in real time via the Smappee Management Dashboard. What’s more, Smappee’s charging stations combine smart technology with sustainable materials that meet the highest standards. All this combines to guarantee you of getting a reliable charging infrastructure for your electric fleet.

Save on the running cost of your fleet

Opting for electric delivery vehicles always results in big savings on fuel and maintenance for any business. It also means no more problems when making deliveries in zero-emission zones. To be able to charge a fleet of electric trucks and vans, you will, however, have to upgrade your power supply. 

Smappee’s Dynamic Load Balancing and Cascade Overload Protection, our unique innovations for typical as well as and large, complex power systems, will reduce the cost of your upgrade by as much as 25%. The built-in smart energy management technology monitors the energy consumption of buildings and charging stations and adjusts flows to make the most of cheaper tariffs. If you have solar panels, our smart charging stations predict when the sun will be at its brightest and charge your vehicles cost-effectively by using as much as possible solar power.

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Future-proof, scalable charging solutions

Make the smart move and choose charging stations with long-term benefits for your business. Smappee’s future-focused Cloud keeps clients’ personal and business data safe and allows us to install new features and update software without having to visit your premises and disrupt charging sessions. The fact that our systems are scalable is another big plus for logistics companies. When you need more charging stations, they can be added in no time. Smappee expands as your fleet grows!

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Use our fast chargers to boost revenue

Logistics companies demand smart, high-performance charging infrastructure, as an electric truck or van uses a lot of power to charge. Some governments therefore subsidize the installation cost of charging stations. Even better, you can earn income by opening your charging stations to the public. All Smappee charging stations are set up for this and our is a great value-add for clients, staff, and visitors. 

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Smappee Management System puts you in control of your fleet

Do you have to manage a large fleet and keep all vehicles on the road? It’s easy with Smappee’s Management Dashboard which displays the charging status of all vehicles in real time allows you to control charging sessions. You’ll receive an alert notification if there is a problem with a particular charging session so that you can correct it in time and prevent disruptions to your operations. Drivers can also set their own charging sessions with the Smappee App.

7 benefits of charging your fleet with Smappee

  • Smart charging stations
    reduces the cost of installation by as much as 25% and always charges your fleet at the lowest tariff possible
  • Our software predicts renewable energy supply
    and charges vehicles as much as possible with solar power or with another renewable source
  • It’s a comprehensive solution
    for monitoring, adjusting, and managing all charging stations via the dashboard
  • Smappee helps you to reach your sustainability targets
    from implementing a green fleet to becoming completely climate neutral
  • The sleek, minimalistic design
    of the award-winning, design-focused charging stations makes a professional impression 
  • You can generate additional income
    by opening your charging stations to the public and setting your own charging rates
  • The system is 100% scalable
    which makes it easy to add more AC or DC charging stations as your fleet expands

Our range of comprehensive charging solutions for logistics companies

Need to charge a number of trucks and delivery vehicles at the same time?
Smappee’s charging solutions consistently offer the best quality and remain the most cost-effective.


The solution for
fast charging

EV Ultra

  • floor mounted
  • total power
    up to 480 kW
  • 1 or 2 charging cables
  • dark grey

Smappee EV Base

◻️ ◼️

The smart
business charger

EV Base

  • floor mounted
  • up to 22 kW
  • 2 sockets
    or charging cables
  • star white or dark grey (model-specific)

Smappee EV Wall 8m cable

◻️ ◼️

The compact
wall charger

EV Wall
Business, Home & Lite

  • wall mounted
  • up to 22 kW
  • 1 socket
    or charging cable
  • star white or dark grey (model-specific)

Smappee EV One


The sleek
design charger

EV One
Business & Home

  • floor mounted
  • up to 22 kW
  • 1 socket
  • dark grey

Success stories

Milieu Service Nederland bolsters
its electrification focus

How to prepare your logistic fleet for the future? The addition of AC & DC chargers gave a considerable boost to this sustainability pioneer’s transition to an electric fleet.

Success stories

HeiligHart Hospital emphasizes their sustainability philosophy 

Hospitals look after their patients, visitors, and staff in many ways. Providing charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles is just one of those ways in which they take care of everyone.

Success stories

Luxaviation increases mobility comfort

Charging your car while at work or on the road should be easy, right? Luxaviation has created convenient charging options for customers, suppliers, and its employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Smappee has undergone a huge learning curve since the company was founded in 2012. Everything we’ve learnt and are continuing to learn are centred around our clients’ needs. For example, we use the Cloud and wireless over-the-air (OTA) technology. Our lifetime over-the-air updates are free and keep your charging station up to date without having to send a technician to your house or business premises. We’re very proud of this as the Smappee smart cloud is our own innovation and a great example of how we like to push the technology envelope.

We also stay on top of new legislation and regulatory changes to ensure that Smappee continues to comply with requirements. For instance, when legislation changed, we responded by developing and introducing dynamic tariffs, capacity tariffs and load balancing services. 

In this way, Smappee complies with legal requirements while also offering clients the latest technology and user-friendly functionality.

Smappee EV chargers and award-winning technology are not only sustainable in function but also in form. Manufactured in 100% multi-recyclable aluminum and Magnelis, and with minimal use of plastics, it has intrinsic durability and consideration of life-cycle management, even down to the packaging which features only recycled cardboard. Smappee’s built-in real smart technology supports smart energy choices resulting in up to 50% savings on electric vehicle charging and 30% energy savings.

Smappee’s sophisticated automated system prioritizes and schedules charging around the availability of solar energy. Our real smart charging and energy management system is integrated with solar forecasting, making it possible to charge your electric vehicle, and also power your washing machine, or A/C, all with solar power.

Yes. With the Smappee EV Ultra, you can charge with a total power of up to 480 kW. Combine the Smappee fast DC charger with the Smappee AC chargers, and create the most energy-efficient charging station on the market.

Download the technical sheets of EV Ultra.

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