Charging station installer opts for really smart charging.

Jimmy Van den Abbeele and Joke Oorts of installation company Energie+ work with Smappee’s products. What’s more, the enterprising duo installed a Smappee charging station at their home. What’s remarkable with the Smappee charging station, is the ability to charge not only dynamically, but also smartly.

Smart use of energy.

Smappee, an expert in energy management, offers a complete ecosystem, in which the end customer and installer gain control and insight into the home’s energy consumption. “With our installation company Energie+, we want to do things differently,” says Joke Oorts. “Since our start-up 5 years ago, we want the end customer to invest optimally, and their investments to also yield optimal returns. Collaboration with Smappee allows us to offer added value with its energy management system.”

Really smart charging.

Based on a passion for data and measurement, Energie+ goes hand in hand with Smappee’s smart charging station. “The emphasis is on the intelligence of their products. It is one of the few charging stations that offers an all-inclusive “smart charging”, according to Jimmy Van den Abbeele. This allows the Smappee Artificial Intelligence to optimize every charge. This offers numerous advantages for both professional and private customers of Energie+.

Capacity rate: the win-win.

“What’s unique is that the energy is attuned to each other,” says Jimmy Van den Abbeele. “Private individuals and professionals have insight and control over all charging, and that control allows them to work in a well-considered manner. The rising capacity rate makes it important to charge consciously. By charging at a lower capacity, we not only reduce consumption peaks but also start an evolution toward a low-CO2 society, while we reduce our electricity bill. Private individuals and professionals, therefore, benefit from not immediately charging the car at full capacity.”

Control and payments.

Thanks to the Smappee dashboard, professionals gain detailed insights and control over the charging stations. In addition to the optimal use of renewable energy, they can decide who can charge at full capacity. Furthermore, they can also admit third parties to their charging station and have them pay immediately using a QR code or RFID token.

Charging station installers get it easier.

“Thanks to the learning curve that Smappee has gone through since 2012, we know that it is important for our partners to be able to easily offer remote assistance to their customers,” says Smappee’s Delphine Van Hoecke. “It is a convenient system because we as an installer have insight into the installed devices via the dashboard. The chance that we have to go to the customer has dropped by 90%. Now we can fill our agenda extremely efficiently”, Joke agrees. “Even for the most difficult installations, the Smappee support team offers our technicians that extra pair of eyes to handle the situation properly.”

Charging station also installed at home.

The couple fully supports the technology and looks of the Smappee charging station and opted to install it at home. “If you want to be smart, flexible, and future-proof, you go for Smappee. Because the technology is unique and offers added value. In general, you also only pay once for the purchase of the system and the charging station, and you’re no longer confronted with extra costs. Installing the installation at home also brings advantages. We go through the same steps as a customer. We just use our device and our experiences to show to interested parties and that builds trust,” concludes the couple.

Partner. Energie+
Country. Belgium
Sector. Installation company

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