Charging solutions for your Polestar

Are you looking for a fast, safe and future-proof charging station for your Polestar? Then Smappee has just the solution for you. No more blown fuses when you charge with this smart charging station. Your car charges optimally with the most cost-effective energy or solar energy. This way, you can charge your car up to 6x cheaper. But that’s not all. Thanks to the integrated energy management system, you get useful insight into your home power consumption. Would you like to know more?

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Advantages of charging at home with Smappee

EV charging station advantages

Cost-effective charging
with energy management

EV charging station award

Elegant design and revolutionary technology

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Fast, safe and

Smappee EV One Charger for your Home

Charge up to 6x cheaper with smart energy management

Do you want to maximize the solar energy generated by your solar panels at home for your charging sessions? Well, you can! Our integrated energy management system allows you to charge your Polestar with solar energy throughout the day, or at the lowest energy rate. Smappee harnesses as much of your solar power as possible, or optimizes costs based on off-peak, capacity or dynamic rates. It is the most economical energy for your car and household appliances. This way you can charge your car up to 6x cheaper, and easily save on your energy bill.

EV Wall Business ev charging at home 

Safe home charging without blown fuses

Smappee’s smart energy technology closely monitors your electrical connection. Is there a spike in power consumption at home? Then less power will go to the charging station for a while. This way you can rest assured that charging your Polestar will not be an interference whilst you cook, iron or bake. Smappee takes care of that!

electric car home charging station

Smart energy management when charging at home

Our home charging stations have a built-in energy management system and link effortlessly with the rest of the Smappee Infinity range. This way you can manage your energy at home with ease and gain insight and control over your total power consumption, your energy guzzlers and your lighting. You can also view your electricity consumption and solar production, in real time, per hour, per month, per year and easily make adjustments. This way, you save energy and money. Over-the-air updates ensure that you’re always up to date with the latest features.

EV Wall Business ev charging at home 

Better monitoring of your charging data

The Smappee App and Dashboard provide details about the costs of charging your Polestar. This is useful when invoicing the charging sessions for your company car to your employer via split billing. You also have an overview of your real-time total consumption, standby consumption and solar production. And you can also stop and restart charging at any time.

EV Wall home ev charging

Quick installation of your home charging station

Our home charging stations can be installed in no time. Your Smappee Certified installer will visit you, and in less than an hour, your home charging station can be connected. The Smappee charging station is compatible with every electrical connection and with any Polestar. And have you heard that a Smappee home charging station charges up to 7x faster than a regular connection?

Start lite, grow smart

From our entry-level model to our advanced smart chargers, you can be sure to get the best charging experience with Smappee. Our flexible solutions are designed to help you start and grow. EV Wall Lite grows with you – with the Smartup Kit, it’s easily upgradable to smart charging, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and helping you save.

Easy home charging in three ways

Charging stations charging

Plug and charge

Plug in your home charging station to start charging, and unplug it again when you want to stop charging.

EV Charging stations

Swipe and charge

Plug in, swipe your charge card in front of the LED light and start charging. And for added safety: your home charging station unlocks only after you swipe the card.

EV chargers

Scan and charge

Would you like to make your home charging station available to other users? Sure, that is also possible. Other users can simply scan the QR code on your charging station and effortlessly charge their car.

More than just a charging station for your Polestar

  1. Save money. By charging at the lowest rates, you can charge your car cheaper than ever before. Smappee lets you charge up to 6x cheaper, thanks to dynamic rates and load-balancing.
  2. Innovative and revolutionary design. You can charge your Polestar at home with our elegant, robust and revolutionary charging stations that are also resistant to all weather conditions. With our Smappee app, you can charge your car in no time and remotely. All of that with the most innovative and patented technology that can control not only your charging station but also other sources of energy consumption, such as your heat pump, or your solar panels.
  3. Fast, safe and user-friendly. Is charging your Polestar at home a chore? Not at all! Our smart technology makes it quick and easy to charge your car by utilising your own solar energy, energy during off-peak hours, or at the most profitable dynamic or capacity rate. And all in complete safety: no blown fuses or risk of overload.
  4. Reduce your carbon footprint. Charging at home and doing that to the max with the help of solar energy? This way, you’re contributing to a better environment and reducing your carbon footprint. Besides, with our home charging stations you’re often entitled to certain subsidies because you’re doing your bit against climate change.
  5. Monitor everything at all times. Thanks to the Smappee App you can continually monitor your consumption and charging costs, wherever you are. This means that you always know everything about your home charging station and your energy flows in real-time and based on historical data.

A smart charging solution for your Polestar, tailored to your needs

Smappee EV One charging station for home

The sleek
design charger


  • floor mounted
  • up to 22 kW
  • 1 socket
  • including energy management

Smappee EV wall home charging station

The compact
wall charger


  • wall mounted
  • up to 22 kW
  • 1 socket
  • including energy management

EV charging station for your home with cable

The charger that
adds comfort


  • wall mounted
  • up to 22 kW
  • 1 charging cable
  • including energy management

Smappee EV wall home charging station

The charger for
the perfect start


  • wall mounted
  • up to 22 kW
  • 1 socket
  • upgradeable with Smartup kit

Frequently Asked Questions

Installing a charging station has a major impact on the overall energy consumption of a home or business.

  • This makes the use of renewable energy even more important.
    Therefore, Smappee offers a solution that maximizes the use of renewable energy and energy during off-peak hours throughout the day for each charging session. In this way, you optimise your self-sufficiency and save costs. Depending on your country, you may also need this smart feature to take advantage of tax cuts.

  • The current infrastructure often cannot handle the additional energy demand of electric cars.
    This can lead to blown fuses. Smappee’s autonomous overload protection ensures that cars can charge safely and the system stays within its power limit. Thus, an expensive extension of the electrical connection is not necessary.

  • Most electric drivers must wait for their monthly bill to know how much charging has cost them.
    By purchasing a Smappee EV Line charging station, you get a real-time overview of the charging process and an overview of the charging costs in the Smappee App and Dashboard. In addition, you can also perfectly track the extent to which your charging session used the solar energy you produced yourself. And that’s not all, combined  with the energy management technology Smappee Infinity, you also get instant insight into your entire energy consumption. Discover which are the biggest energy guzzlers and how self-sufficient you really are. Take immediate action and monitor how you use energy through the Smappee App and Dashboard.

Discover why Smappee is the smartest charging solution.

Smappee’s real smart charging relies on sophisticated data exchange systems that are automated and integrated with AI to ensure the most economical, well-timed, driver-oriented and infrastructure-friendly solution.

Smappee’s real smart charging makes it hands-free to always charge at the best rates, with maximum solar energy and avoiding exorbitant capacity rates, which can save you up to 50% on charging costs. You can also rest assured that your EV will always be charged at the time and level you require. Another real smart feature of Smappee, load balancing, protects your building (no tripping) and can save you up to 25% on installation costs.

If you want to charge your electric car at home in a way that is cost-effective, safe and efficient, a Smappee charging station offers all that plus award-winning design and technology.

Smappee helps you to charge your electric vehicle (EV) at home as cheaply as possible by taking advantage of variable energy tariffs. This also includes optimizing off-peak and capacity rates to charge your car more cost-effectively than ever. With Smappee’s smart use of dynamic rates and dynamic load-balancing, electric vehicle drivers can save up to 50% on charging their cars at home. 

The integrated energy management system for home users will enable you to charge your car by using as much as possible solar energy and balancing it with flows from the grid. You can track this on Smappee’s user-friendly app, which lets you monitor and manage your energy consumption to reduce your monthly energy bill by as much as six times.

Safety matters as much as savings when using renewable energy to charge your electric car at home and Smappee’s smart technology also monitors your family’s power consumption throughout the day. If there is a sudden spike in your household use of electricity, your EV will receive less power for a while so that you can cook, do the laundry or heat your home without any interruptions. Smappee furthermore protects your building from blown fuses and ensures that the power does not trip.

Read more on Smappee’s EV charging stations for your home and please contact us if you have any more questions.

The main difference between the EV Wall Lite and the EV Wall Home is energy management. The EV Wall Lite is a streamlined basic charger without advanced smart features such as dynamic load balancing and energy management. It is quick to install, reliable, and easy to use.  

The EV Wall Home, on the other hand, is a smart charger that comes with built-in energy management and dynamic load balancing. This makes it possible to always charge at the lowest tariffs and you can also set limits in the Smappee app to avoid exorbitant capacity rates. With the EV Wall Home you are able to charge your EV up to 100% with solar energy. All of which helps you save up to 50% on charging costs. 

It is great to know that you can upgrade the EV Wall Lite to a smart charger with the Smartup Kit (available from September 2024). So, it is always possible to start with basic charging and grow smart. 

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