Thanks to the Smappee energy monitor you always know how much power your appliances consume, wherever you are. For more comfort, a better insight and sustainable energy savings up to 30%.

Much like Shazam identifies songs, Smappee identifies appliances.

The Smappee energy monitor detects all of the essential appliances in your home and tells you exactly how much they consume.

More insight into your real-time consumption.

Get reports of leaks or danger.

Know exactly what happens.

Check your home remotely.

Save up to 30%.

Always-on power
Appliance detection
Solar panels
Heat pump
Electric vehicles
Energy monitor
Solar energy monitor
Gas and water monitor

Nothing but benefits

  • Real-time data and appliance recognition
  • Remotely control your home (IoT)
  • Learn and save up to 30%
  • No subscription fee, free app
  • Regardless of your energy supplier
  • Good for your wallet and the planet
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How blockchain technology will disrupt the energy sector.

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"Two-thirds of Smappee’s users have solar panels, which they can now use to earn a cryptocurrency called SolarCoin."

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“WiFi-enabled Smappee manages to stand out from the crowd.”

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“Smappee is an energy saving device which monitors your power consumption and gives you tips and advice on how to be more efficient.”

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“A clear layout enables you to see exactly what you are using.”

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“Smappee has identified the energy signatures of over 80 common appliances - so you don’t need to invest in 80 Smart Plugs to monitor usage.”

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A smart home for the price of a smartphone

Now with a 30-day money back guarantee. Invite Smappee into your home

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