Prepare your building plans for electric charging

Are you an architect building a greener future?

Electric driving is becoming the norm. With Smappee’s stylish charging solutions, your residential and commercial designs are ready for this evolution. What is more, Smappee’s smart charging features make it extra easy to integrate charging stations into your plans.

dc charging car
Slimme laadpaal installatie

Sustainable and smart design that complements your design

As an architect, you appreciate great design, and so do we. That’s why Smappee offers charging stations with a minimalist look and feel that seamlessly blend into any environment, whether it’s a renovation, new construction, or large-scale project. Our award-winning design is meant for architects who demand perfection in every detail. Smappee’s charging solutions are crafted from sustainable, recycled aluminum, making it weather-resistant and low-maintenance. Choose between white or black, entry level or smart versions, and the subtle LED lighting guarantees a stylish finishing touch.


Are your building plans ready for electric charging?

Electric charging regulations are evolving globally. Businesses have green agendas, governments aim for carbon neutrality, and families also want to drive electric. With Smappee you can effortlessly integrate the right charging solution into any new construction or renovation project. Your design will comply with local building codes without compromising on design. Our smart charging solutions make a greener future possible.

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Minimize impact on construction costs with smart charging

Choosing the right charging infrastructure is essential in helping your clients save on construction costs. Adapting electric capacity to allow for electric vehicle charging can be costly. With Smappee you make a well-considered choice: a saving of up to 25% on installation costs. Charging costs are also managed smartly. Your customer saves up to 50% on charging costs and can charge up to 100% with solar energy. This way, Smappee makes investing in charging stations accessible.

Smappee EV Base ev charger business

Additional revenue for your clients

Charging infrastructure is not just an expense; it can provide a new source of income. Want to integrate a charging solution into home or office plans? The charging station can be opened for public charging via the Smappee Management Dashboard. Your clients can generate extra income, potentially turning it into profit. Additionally, building owners may qualify for government discounts and incentives, making smart charging infrastructure a highly attractive investment.

Why as architect, choose Smappee?

  • Smart charging stations
    Work with the top authority in smart charging, design, and innovative cleantech.
  • Top-notch design
    Award-winning charging stations with a forward-thinking look, in line with your design.
  • Cost savings
    Smart charging means saving on installation and charging costs.
  • Charging solutions for every type of project
    Whether commercial or residential, fast or standard charging, entry level or smart, white or black design, floor or wall-mounted.
  • Achieve green ambition
    Help your clients achieve their sustainable goals.
  • Make the most of renewable energy
    Help client make optimal use of solar energy, utilizing up to 100% of their own solar energy production.
  • Future-ready
    Your designs are up-to-date with the latest charging technologies.

Discover Smappee charging stations

Combining design solutions worth showcasing with smart technology? That is exactly what Smappee does. Our charging stations for residential, commercial, and public projects feature a powerful Management Dashboard for controlling, updating, and servicing multiple charging points efficiently and cost-effectively.

Smappee EV Ultra 240S


The solution for
fast charging

EV Ultra

  • floor mounted
  • up to 480 kW
  • CCS2 plug
  • dark grey

Smappee EV Base

◻️ ◼️

The smart
business charger

EV Base

  • floor mounted
  • up to 22 kW
  • 2 sockets
    or charging cables
  • star white or dark grey (model-specific)

Smappee EV Wall 8m cable

◻️ ◼️

The compact
wall charger

EV Wall
Business, Home & Lite

  • wall mounted
  • up to 22 kW
  • 1 socket
    or charging cable
  • star white or dark grey (model-specific)

Smappee EV One


The sleek
design charger

EV One
Business & Home

  • floor mounted
  • up to 22 kW
  • 1 socket
  • dark grey

Some tips for integrating our charging stations into your design

  • Cost-saving, future-proof, easy to maintain, … choose charging stations with long-term benefits, such as those from Smappee.
  • During the design phase, assess the specific needs of the project and place the charging infrastructure in an easily accessible and safe location. Also consider green building codes.
  • ADA compliance: ensure that charging stations are always accessible to people with disabilities in accordance with the building codes and Disabilities Act.
  • Ensure enduring architectural look with weather-resistant charging stations that don’t discolor over time.
  • Collaborate with installers and utility companies right from the start of a project to ensure the planned electrical network can handle the envisaged charging capacity, avoiding delays.
  • Keep in mind the complexity of commercial buildings and charging infrastructure management: who will be responsible for servicing and management?

Success stories

HeiligHart Hospital emphasizes their sustainability philosophy 

Hospitals look after their patients, visitors, and staff in many ways. Providing charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles is just one of those ways in which they take care of everyone.

Success stories

Deceuninck’s green car policy

Companies are embracing opportunities to integrate sustainability into all aspects of their operations. Deceuninck successfully tackles this by improving their energy efficiency and adopting a fully electric vehicle fleet, aided by Smappee.

Success stories

Milieu Service Nederland bolsters 
its electrification focus 

How to prepare your logistic fleet for the future? The addition of AC & DC chargers gave a considerable boost to this sustainability pioneer’s transition to an electric fleet.

Success stories

Cotton Park Business Park invests in future proof charging stations

A contemporary business centre without facilities for electric vehicles? Not acceptable, according to Cotton Park Business Center.

Success stories

Luxaviation increases mobility comfort

Charging your car while at work or on the road should be easy, right? Luxaviation has created convenient charging options for customers, suppliers, and its employees.

Success stories

Enerdo reduces its electricity bill

How do you ensure optimal energy usage in your business while also meeting the needs of employees with fully electric vehicles? Thanks to Smappee Enerdo can do both every day.

Want to learn more about Smappee for your building and renovation projects?

We’re pleased to provide you with 3D renderings or .dwg files for your CAD drawings that include EV chargers. This way, you’ll have everything you need for a future-proof design of your construction and renovation projects. 

Frequently asked questions

Smappee EV chargers and award-winning technology are not only sustainable in function but also in form. Manufactured in 100% multi-recyclable aluminum and Magnelis, and with minimal use of plastics, it has intrinsic durability and consideration of life-cycle management, even down to the packaging which features only recycled cardboard. Smappee’s built-in real smart technology supports smart energy choices resulting in up to 50% savings on electric vehicle charging and 30% energy savings.

Smappee has undergone a huge learning curve since the company was founded in 2012. Everything we’ve learnt and are continuing to learn are centred around our clients’ needs. For example, we use the Cloud and wireless over-the-air (OTA) technology. Our lifetime over-the-air updates are free and keep your charging station up to date without having to send a technician to your house or business premises. We’re very proud of this as the Smappee smart cloud is our own innovation and a great example of how we like to push the technology envelope.

We also stay on top of new legislation and regulatory changes to ensure that Smappee continues to comply with requirements. For instance, when legislation changed, we responded by developing and introducing dynamic tariffs, capacity tariffs and load balancing services. 

In this way, Smappee complies with legal requirements while also offering clients the latest technology and user-friendly functionality.

Smappee’s real smart charging relies on sophisticated data exchange systems that are automated and integrated with AI to ensure the most economical, well-timed, driver-oriented and infrastructure-friendly solution.

Smappee’s real smart charging makes it hands-free to always charge at the best rates, with maximum solar energy and avoiding exorbitant capacity rates, which can save you up to 50% on charging costs. You can also rest assured that your EV will always be charged at the time and level you require. Another real smart feature of Smappee, load balancing, protects your building (no tripping) and can save you up to 25% on installation costs.

Installation is done in three parts:
1. Physical installation of the charging station
2. Physical installation of the energy management modules in the distribution panel and configuration using the step-by-step wizard in the Smappee App.
3. After the installation the configuration can be updated remotely via the Smappee Dashboard.

The Smappee business chargers can be installed and operational within a few hours and the home chargers can even be installed in less than one hour. Thanks to the integrated LED lights you do not need any additional wiring to light your car park or garage.

Download the Smappee EV Line installation manuals.

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