The buddy who makes you smart about energy.

  • Measure your total energy
    consumption & production.

    Install Smappee in few minutes near your fuse box and
    map the energy flow of your appliances at home 24/7.

      Easy and safe installation
      Compatible with all solar systems
      Only one monitor to measure all your appliances
      Learn more about the installation process
  • Typical installation

    The Smappee monitor is simple and safe to install. It does not
    require any changes to your electrical system. Most people install Smappee themselves.

  • Installation with Solar Production

    Smappee measures your solar production with an additional sensor.
    Smappee is compatible with all solar systems. Learn more, go to Support

  • One sensor

    The sensor is attached to the main power cable and records the flow of energy. The various
    appliances are identified by their energy signature or the electrical traces they leave behind.

    one sensor


  • Analyze data on the fly with clear insights.

    The Smappee app identifies and illustrates energy usage and costs of your household appliances
    in detailed charts & tables.

      Free app, free updates
      Real-time and historical information
      Energy guzzler detection
      Learn more about the app
  • Check your consumption,
    anytime, anywhere.

    Get an overview of your total energy consumption, standby power consumption and solar panel production at a single glance!.
    Simply use the app to check whether you have turned off all your appliances.

  • Check your Appliances energy DNA

    "On average we make 6 coffees a day with our espresso machine.
    Generally at breakfast between 08:00 and 09:00. This adds up to a total of only 0,01€, fine!"

  • Download your Free App

    The Smappee app is available for iOS 6+ and Android 2.3+ devices.
    The application and all updates are free, no monthly fees!


  • Control your electrical appliances
    at home anytime, anywhere.

    Use the Comfort Plugs™ and switch your appliances from the app with a single tap.
    Let Smappee help you reduce your consumption automatically, and relax.

      Schedule automatic
      On and Off
      Leave home and
      Vacation mode
      Add more
      Comfort Plugs™
      Learn more about the Comfort Plugs™
  • Comfort Plugs™

    One Comfort Plug™ is included in each Smappee package.
    Buy 3 or 6 additional Comfort Plugs™ in a package here.

    Buy now

Save energy and money
without losing comfort.

Smappee, your energy buddy, helps you to reach your goals
and to contribute to a sustainable environment.

    Receive everyday tips & tricks
    Collect awards
    Win for Yourself and for the Environment

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