EV charging at your parking lot

There is increasing demand for charging stations in (underground) parking garages. Although, the installation of charging stations in EV parking garages is often less obvious. For example, there is a trade-off between a shared installation in an apartment building or the installation of charging stations by individual residents. But even for public parking lots, there are many options. Would you like to know more about our electric charging stations for (underground) parking lots?

Why should you choose Smappee charging stations for your EV parking garage?

  1. Extra income for you, peace of mind for your visitors. Are you the owner of a public parking lot? Due to the growing number of electric vehicles, adding charging stations makes your parking lot future-proof and ensure peace of mind for visitors, because they can charge their cars at all times. In the Smappee dashboard, you can also set up various discounts for people who use the charging stations in your parking lot.
  2. Safety first. Do you think that installing charging stations in an (underground) parking isn’t such a great idea? We would like to change your mind. Smappee’s charging stations are known for their safety. The autonomous overload protection prevents blown fuses and keeps your system from being overloaded. This also eliminates the need for expensive upgrades to your electrical system. Smappee schedules the charging according to your available energy!
  3. Accessible charging for all residents and visitors. Our user-friendly charging stations ensure worry-free and accessible charging for visitors to your parking lot or for residents of your apartment building. They can charge their vehicles with just an EV charging card – or by scanning the QR code. And Smappee charging stations are suitable for any hybrid or electric vehicle.
  4. Smart charging with solar energy. What are the advantages of our charging stations in your parking garage? We provide the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for your power consumption, based on solar energy, off-peak rates and dynamic rates. This way, you get a quick return on your charging investment and can generate additional income.
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Transparent charging management

With our charging stations for EV parking garages, we provide detailed charging management with transparent pricing. Our customized dashboard allows you to monitor the charging sessions and the charging behavior of users. Real-time and historical monitoring. An extra advantage? Our MID meter guarantees accurate readings for your invoicing and payments. If your EV parking lot is also open to visitors, the dashboard and our app allow you to monitor the rates, discounts and revenues from your charging stations.

EV Emobiliy

Put your EV parking garage on the map with our charging stations

Attract more visitors to your EV parking garage by increasing your visibility with online charging maps. This way, drivers of electric vehicles can easily find your charging stations and your EV parking lot. How? By making the locations of the charging stations in your parking lot visible to the public via our app or dashboard. This way, drivers who want to recharge their electric vehicles know how to find you and what your rates are.

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Overload protection in your EV parking garage

Our Smappee charging stations automatically adjust their capacity and are equipped with overload protection. Our autonomous protection ensures that the electrical system in your EV parking lot or underground EV parking garage is not pushed beyond its capacities. Even with the additional demand created by the charging of electric vehicles. So, you never have to worry.

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Secure data traffic

Whether you install one or multiple charging stations, you want to be sure that your data and your users’ data is protected. Smappee uses secure and encrypted communication between charging stations and the cloud. So, you can be sure that your data won’t be intercepted by third parties ànd that we can offer you the latest upgrades and services. Our charging stations not only connect to Smappee CPO services, but to any other CPO platform as well.

Nuestros socios confían en nuestra tecnología.

In terms of invoicing, a charging station can seem a complex affair, but nothing could be further from the truth. Thanks to Smappee’s well-organised management system, we have quite quickly managed to set everything up properly and transparently.

Jan Decoene, Bessa Benelux – Cotton Park Business Centre

At Polestar, our mission goes beyond just selling electric cars. We want to accelerate the transition to green and more sustainable mobility. We have to remove barriers and ensure that our vehicles are charged efficiently and green. Thanks to the partnership with Smappee, we can make this happen.

Lies Eeckman, managing director of Polestar Belgium and Luxembourg.

The charging stations are not only technologically advanced, but with their beautiful design they also fit aesthetically well with the new company building. The charging stations met our requirements perfectly.

Koen De Vlieger, director of installations and equipment at Verhelst Group

Charging stations for EV parking garages

Smappee EV wall home charging station


  • wall mounted
  • with socket or 8-meter charging cable
  • type 2 connector
  • up to 22 kW
  • 300 × 300 × 110 mm
  • energy management available separately

Smappee EV base charging station

EV Base

  • floor mounted
  • with 2 sockets
    or 5-meter charging cables
  • type 2 connector
  • up to 22 kW
  • 1200 × 600 × 150 mm
  • energy management available separately

Smappee EV Ultra fast charger

EV Ultra

  • floor mounted
  • with 3.25-meter charging cable
  • type CCS2 connector
  • up to 80 kW or 200 kW
  • 1860 × 920 × 290 mm
  • perfect in combination with AC chargers
  • energy management available separately

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