Why smappee

Smappee monitor in action on tablet and smartphone— Consume less energy without giving up convenience. Not just once – but every day anew. Do it with smappee, your energy buddy.

Smappee changes your behaviour in 1-2-3

Smappee uses a single monitoring device to measure your precise household consumption and recognise your individual apparatuses.

  1. Keep track of your current energy consumption – and that of your devices – at any time. Identify energy-hungry devices in a snap with smappee.
  2. Get real-time information so you can intervene right away, if necessary.
  3. Save energy anywhere, any time. The mobile app gives you an instant overview of your energy consumption. You can even use it to turn individual devices on or off remotely.

Smappee turns common sense into sustainable behaviour. To save energy, save money and save the environment.

  • Save on costs, not convenience.No more wasted energy.
  • Peace of mind.Real-time access to your current energy consumption, around the clock and around the world. Switch your devices on or off with smappee.
  • Care.The less energy you use, the better you care for the environment.
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