Our user-friendly app offers a real-time and historical overview for electricity, solar, gas and water in kWh, currency and graphics. The Smappee Energy Monitor app is available for iOS and Android from Appstore or GooglePlay in 6 languages. Users can detect always on power, energy guzzlers and learn more about their energy consumption and how much it costs. It also allows them to control connected appliances and automate energy flows in order to optimise energy efficiency.

Let’s take a tour of the Smappee App for Smappee Infinity!

1. See energy consumption at a glance.

Open the app to see at a glance the real-time energy flows in the building. The yellow bubble shows how much electricity is being consumed in real-time. The green bubble indicates how much energy the solar panels are producing. Smappee also shows how much water and gas has been consumed that day.

Get insight into what proportion of the electricity usage is used by appliances in always on mode and compare the electricity usage with that of similar households. Scroll down to see the cost of energy used in the last 30 days and to get a live overview of what appliances were recently turned on and how much power they’re consuming.

2. Get insights in energy use and standby power.

Smappee gives a better understanding of long-term energy consumption and production. Tap the green or yellow bubble to swipe through the graphs, zoom in and out to analyse all electricity data over different time periods, such as 5 minutes, an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year. Get a better idea of the standby power consumption, within 24 hours of installation given that, even in standby mode appliances still consume electricity.

Pull up the same data for solar, gas and water. Scroll down for a global overview in kWh and in different currencies, e.g. euros, pounds, dollars. Users can find out how much of the solar energy is being used for their own consumption (self-consumption) and how much of their consumption is covered by solar energy production (self-sufficiency). Data from the app can be supplemented using the Smappee Dashboard to export energy data and analyse the data on a larger screen with more specific parameters.

3. Automate and control the energy flows.

With a Smappee Genius as gateway, you have a smart tool to help tackle inefficient energy consumption—but there are plenty of other smart devices that can also connect with the Smappee ecosystem. Connect a Smappee Output module or Smappee Switch to remotely operate or automate appliances. In addition, users can connect with their car charging station, remotely operate smart thermostats and see the energy flows interact with their energy storage system.

Ready for the next step? Enter the gateway to a world of IoT solutions! Automate certain events in order to use appliances more efficiently and simplify everyday living. Trigger smart devices according to activity in the building, activity of an appliance, location, active energy use, sunrise/sunset, time schedule, import/export or device state. In addition, Smappee allows electric vehicle drivers a number of benefits that enhance their charging experience, from overload protection to personalised EV scheduling and optimised self-consumption.

Smappee continuously expands its ecosystem with compatible third party IoT products and platforms. Smappee uses the MQTT smart home protocol to quickly develop new use cases and speed up integrations. Discover the IoT solutions that are compatible with Smappee.

4. Detect energy guzzlers.

See what’s happening at home or in the building in real-time in the Smappee App and discover how appliances are being used. Tap “See all events” to discover when certain appliances are turned on and off. Know how much energy submetered appliances are consuming and the state of an appliance that is connected to an Input module.

Tap “Appliances” to find energy values of appliances submetered by Smappee Infinity CTs, Smappee Switch or those detected via NILM technology. Sort appliances by “Most consuming” to detect energy guzzlers. Replace them with more energy-efficient appliances or put them on a diet with the Smappee Output module and the Smappee Switch. Or sort appliances by “Most expensive” to see which appliances are costing the most to run and maybe decide to use these a bit less.

5. Customise the Smappee experience.

The icing on the cake is: the personalised Smappee experience! Enter tariffs and rates and get an even more accurate energy cost estimate. Go to Settings, tab “Your locations” and go to “Your Tariffs” to align the reported energy costs in the Smappee App with the tariffs and rates that are being applied by the energy supplier. On top of that, the data relating to the building/home can be shared easily with property managers, energy professionals, homeowners etc.

By completing the Survey, Smappee knows what type of building it is monitoring; how many people are living in/using the building and what appliances are being used. This allows users to benchmark their energy use and activates Smappee’s patented NILM appliance detection feature.

Users with a Smappee Genius as gateway can customise the energy flows according to their lifestyle or the way they use the building: turn off the lights when there’s no one present, close the blinds when it’s getting dark, turn off the TV when it’s bed time, or boost the Smart Grid Ready heat pump when there’s solar surplus, and more. Go to Control and discover all the possibilities.

6. Complete and edit configurations.

The Smappee App is also a user-friendly tool for on-site installation of the Smappee Infinity modules. Perfect for installers! Verify the installation via real-time energy values and the “Load configuration” overview in the app. Remote configuration to complete or edit the installation is possible via the Smappee Dashboard.

And finally, the app offers different levels of branding and customised messaging options for our partners. Contact marketing@smappee.com for more information.

Want to experience the Smappee App yourself? Download the app “Smappee Energy Monitor” now from GooglePlay and Appstore.

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