Energy management analytics: a driving force behind Smappee’s energy insights.

Thanks to high-speed computer processing and ever-smarter algorithms, the art and science of data analytics, energy management analytics more specifically, have progressed mightily since the days of hand-crafted pie charts and Venn diagrams drawn with compasses and protractors. The ability to show historical and real-time information in easy-to-read formats on multiple devices has revolutionised the business world as well as the consumer realm. With the right tools, skills and imagination (check out Our World In Data for a prime example), even the most complex and granular data harnessed in a visual format can help us see previously hidden relationships, patterns and trends.  

Data visualisation has helped stretch our understanding of the world around us and make sense of invisible things such as energy. At Smappee, the monitoring, collection and analysis of energy production and consumption data and the ability to share and visualise that data are pillars of our business. Gathering as much data as possible on electric power, solar power, gas and water and displaying it graphically via easy-to-understand tables, charts and graphs provides business and residential customers with the tools to become more efficient in their energy use, save money on their utility bills and reduce their environmental impact.  

Three pillars of Smappee’s energy management analytics.

Smappee has three ways to visualise its data. The Smappee App, the recently updated Smappee Dashboard and integrations with third party Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) and other data analytics and BI platforms via API.

1. The Smappee App, an easy-to-use energy management analytics tool.

The Smappee App is predominantly targeted toward homeowners, enabling them to check their data on the go. It translates the technical data into something they understand, even if they don’t know what Watts, kWh and Amperes are. The App is developed in such a way that anyone can gain insights into their energy consumption. It simply visualises their solar power production, their gas, water and electricity usage – down to the appliance level – and translates it into costs. This will help them identify energy guzzlers and determine their self-sufficiency. This knowledge triggers them to adjust their energy consumption and save on electricity by using their energy more efficiently. It also gives a quick overview on how you’re doing compared to similar households. Of course, the Smappee App can also be used by companies to engage their employees in overarching company energy efficiency efforts. The real-time and historical data and user-friendly graphics will help them get the necessary insights that lead to better electricity usage practices. More information on the benefits of the Smappee App can be found here.

2. The Smappee Dashboard, a professional energy management analytics tool.

Energy management analytics with the Smappee Dashboard

This tool, designed for professional users, provides a flexible visualisation and energy management platform that allows businesses to tailor the data representation the way they want to see and process it. The Dashboard is the perfect tool for in-depth data analysis, offering detailed historical energy data, live electricity values of submetered devices and comparisons between different sites. It simplifies the visualisation of the data in concise graphic representations instead of long-winded narrative analyses. Cards, boards and parameters can be added according to your needs. This enables energy managers to compile their findings and provide well-founded advice that empowers their business or their customers to get the most out of their energy and achieve greater savings. The Dashboard also offers remote configuration and first-line support options for energy service companies. Smappee partners can also use the Dashboard to disclose data of the Smappee monitoring system to their customers in a safe and transparent way. Customers receive ‘read only’ rights so that there is no risk of altering the settings. Discover all the Dashboard features here.

In addition, the Smappee Dashboard is also the go-to place to see and adapt the settings of your Smappee electric car charger and payment options.

3. The Smappee API.

The third pillar of Smappee’s energy data analytics offering is its API. This opens the door to integrating Smappee’s energy data with a host of compatible platforms, now and in the future. A growing number of companies use the API to incorporate Smappee’s real-time and historical data into their own energy service or smart energy management or to build management software, converting the raw data to use in their existing energy management analytics tools (BEMS).   

A lot of energy efficiency software and service companies have integrated Smappee data into their platforms, strengthening them with the rich Smappee data. Have a look at Opinum, which combines Smappee’s energy management products with their analytical data management platform to offer a fully integrated end-to-end solution and reduce energy consumption in both new and old residential and commercial buildings. Another example is Greenflux, which automatically adjusts the charge speed of electric car chargers in charge parks in real-time throughout the day via their cloud platform while benefitting from Smappee’s building and phase optimisation capabilities. There is also Wattics, which integrates Smappee data into their energy management software for deeper analysis of energy consumption behaviour, resource inefficiencies and GHG emissions in commercial and industrial buildings and businesses. 

They all use our steady stream of data and insights to best fit their needs. The API helps them help their customers normalise the electrical power used on an area basis (energy consumed per square metre) across enterprises, benchmark and compare energy usage at multiple sites, and track the benefits of energy-savings measures (including cost savings). They can also compare their findings to other time periods or integrate parameters, such as weather predictions, and offer predictive operations and maintenance advice on building HVAC and other systems. Find all compatible platforms here.

Smappee has devoted and will continue to devote a large amount of its resources toward improving and expanding its data sharing and analytics capabilities as it evolves and enhances its energy management system platform.

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