Smappee helps power a sustainable future for Dawning Day Farms in Australia through the New South Wales EV Charging Grant

Smappee is committed to driving a sustainable future and making intelligent energy management accessible to all. Our dedication to developing the smartest charging solutions out there recently found a perfect home at Dawning Day Farms in Australia, thanks to the New South Wales (NSW) Government’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Destination Charging Grant. 

The NSW EV Destination Charging Grant: supporting the growth of e-mobility. 

The NSW Government’s EV Destination Charging Grant is a great initiative aimed at fostering the growth of electric vehicles across regional New South Wales. With a substantial investment of $20 million, this grant provides eligible hospitality businesses and councils with the opportunity to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers, promoting the adoption of sustainable transportation. 

In a significant move to promote EV adoption in regional New South Wales (NSW), the NSW Government has allocated $20 million towards the EV Destination Charging Grant.  

This initiative is designed to encourage eligible regional businesses and councils to install EV chargers, facilitating convenient and widespread access to charging infrastructure.  

With grant amounts covering up to 75% of installation costs, this program aims to accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation in the region, making it an attractive proposition for businesses looking to offer this service to their growing number of EV-driving customers. 

Smappee’s EV chargers meet the stringent conditions for the grant program ensuring companies can benefit fully from the grant. This recognition reaffirms our commitment to providing smart and progressive solutions for hospitality destinations like Dawning Day Farms. 

Where clean energy meets fine wine. 

Dawning Day Farms is a micro-vineyard located near Exeter in the cool climate of the Southern Highland of New South Wales, a beautiful landscape where Pinot Noir and Chardonnay thrive.  

This hidden gem is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and exceptional wine production. Beyond its lush vineyards, Dawning Day stands out with a unique ethos – giving back to the community.  

With a social responsibility policy, the farm donates 10% of all wine sales to support the less fortunate, reflecting their dedication to making a positive impact. This holistic approach is also reflected in their drive for sustainability so it comes as no surprise that they quickly opted to embrace the NSW grant offer. 

Building the road to sustainability

The successful installation of our EV Base at Dawning Day wine farm by Timothy Electrical serves as an inspiring example of the positive impact of this grant program. As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to rise, initiatives like these are crucial in making sustainable transportation more accessible and appealing to everyone. 

Seeing Smappee’s chargers installed in inspiring places like Dawning Day Farms demonstrates how accessible and convenient EV charging is becoming. With initiatives like the Electric Vehicle Destination Charging Grant, it’s now easier than ever to charge your EV wherever you are, even when heading off on the road less traveled in the Australian countryside. 

Cheers to sustainable transportation, eco-conscious destinations such as Dawning Day Farms, and a brighter tomorrow! 

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