Today, smart energy monitoring manufacturer Smappee announced that it is pushing its international growth with a local representation in Africa. Smappee’s smart energy management ecosystem provides Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) with a comprehensive tool to gather detailed, real-time energy data -for electricity, solar, gas and water. This will empower them to offer their clients a solution that delivers increased energy efficiency, auto-consumption and cost savings. As such it can be an answer to the current African energy crisis with its shortage of electricity and water.

One tool for all energy flows.

Africa is struggling with its energy supply. “Due to the lack of electricity and water as well as regular load shedding, home-owners and companies need to deal with their energy as efficiently as possible”, says Stefan Grosjean, CEO at Smappee. “It is the right time to introduce the Smappee offering in Africa. Smappee can offer people a real solution. Smappee provides ESCOs and VARs with a tool that offers their customers a complete overview of all their energy flows – electricity, solar, gas and water. Thanks to this data, users gain valuable energy insights and can take specific action to optimize their energy efficiency and self-consumption. In addition, the data also allows them to keep track of whether the actions obtain the desired results. The Smappee data is easily accessible via the user-friendly consumer app (available for Android and iOS), a professional dashboard for in-depth analysis and an API for integration with Energy Management Systems/Building Management Systems.

Monitoring and control.

Smappee features a set of submetering options that is unique to the market. By combining traditional submetering current-clamps, the smart Smappee Switch and Smappee’s patented appliance recognition technology, the tool offers a large amount of highly valuable, actionable data. It allows ESCOs and VARs to lock in the level of accuracy, installation requirements and budget that best fit their needs. But Smappee does not only monitor the electricity flows and appliances, it can also control them via its energy traffic control technology. That way it can direct solar energy to a heat pump instead of sending it back to the grid or store it in a home battery for later to provide additional efficiency and peace of mind for its users. It can also automatically send less power to the charging station of an electric car when people start cooking so they do not risk nuisance tripping.

Modular and future-proof.

One of the key benefits of the Smappee ecosystem is its modularity, making it a future-proof solution. Users can pick and choose the features and services they need. When, over time, home-owners or companies invest in energy efficiency, for example when they install solar panels, a heat pump, an EV charger, etc., there is a need for more control, data or services, they can easily build on the existing Smappee solution to meet their changing needs. Moreover, VARs can use Smappee as a foot in the door with people that want to install PV panels or a home battery. The energy insights from the Smappee data allow them to calculate the exact dimension that is needed for the solar or battery installation.

Smappee African Representative.

Nigel Baker
Cape Town, South Africa

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