Kaseco+ is the architectural office behind the first autonomous bio-ecological greenhouse in Belgium. The building, which serves as a home and office space, is made up of bio-ecological, renewable materials or materials that are fully recyclable.

For the time being, 65% self-sufficient and fully water autonomous and water neutral.

The target is to be fully autonomous in terms of energy supply. To this end, the home uses solar cells in the glass panels around the building, PV panels linked to a saltwater battery, a solar collector for hot water, balanced ventilation and energy-friendly lighting. Thanks to these technologies the greenhouse is 65% self-sufficient. The target is to increase this to 90%, possibly even 100%, by installing a Smappee Infinity that autonomously manages energy flows and controls devices optimally.

Smappee Infinity, beating heart of energy management.

A team from Howest and UGent (two renowned Belgian educational institutions) have installed the Smappee Infinity to map the entire energy consumption within the greenhouse. For example, lighting, the washing machine, the heat pump are submetered. Based on that energy data, the team will use Smappee to maximize the use of self-generated solar energy to optimally use devices throughout the day or to store it in the battery to bridge the night.

The project is currently in full implementation. Stay tuned for more information on the results!

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