Smappee provides a large amount of valuable, actionable energy data that can be accessed in multiple ways. There’s an API for integration with EMS/BMS systems, a user-friendly app for consumers, and a comprehensive professional dashboard for in-depth analysis.

Let’s take a tour of the Smappee Dashboard!

Log in to the Smappee Dashboard from the navigation bar on Smappee’s website using your Smappee app login details. Once logged in, you can check your building’s energy flows from the most popular browsers.

1. Analyse real-time and historical data.

Analyse energy data on a larger screen with more specific parameters. View real-time and historical data for electricity, solar, gas, and water. Explore energy flows graphically and numerically, viewing the energy usage per day, week, month, or year and in 5-minute, hourly, daily, or monthly intervals. Evaluate the energy use in your building more in-depth with specific parameters, such as Consumption, Solar, Always on, Export, Import, Self-sufficiency, Self-consumption, Active Power, Reactive Power, Power Factor, Current, Minimum and Maximum values, Harmonics, etc.

2. Access submetered data.

Thanks to Smappee’s most complete and comprehensive set of submetering options available on the market, you can analyse consumption behaviour down to the appliance level. View events and live electricity values of submetered devices. Detect energy guzzlers, know when appliances were used and how much they’re consuming in real-time.

3. Complete and edit configurations remotely.

Smappee partners can use the Smappee Dashboard as the primary configuration tool. Consult live electricity values of your Smappee Infinity setup and complete the installation via remote configuration. Use the Phasor Display feature to verify your phase mapping for split or three-phase installations.

4. Tailor your data visualisation.

Add “Boards” to organise the large amount of energy data. For instance, add a separate Board to analyse gas and water usage. Add “Cards” to specify the data you want to analyse and organise them in almost any way you want.

Tip! As a Smappee partner, you can even brand the Smappee dashboard with your logo and add customised messages. Share your tailored Smappee Dashboard with visitors, employees, and partners via the presentation mode. Want to know more about the branding options for the Smappee Dashboard? Contact us here.

5. Monitor multiple sites.

See all your locations on a map and get an overview of live and historical data of all your locations. Consult your in-depth tailored dashboard for every location.

6. Export and save energy data.

Use the Smappee Dashboard as your primary energy data gathering tool. Export your energy data as an Excel or CSV file and analyse it in the program of your choice or save it for future reference on a hard drive, USB, in the cloud, etc

7. Monitor power quality.

With the Smappee Genius and a dedicated license, partners can monitor power quality using the Smappee Dashboard. Analyse minimum and maximum value within interval of current/voltages with the Electricity usage card. On top of that, partners can monitor live, statistic or historical harmonics and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). Simply add the Live harmonics or Harmonics card on the Smappee Dashboard and make informed decisions.

Log in the Smappee Dashboard here. Want to know more about our user-friendly app for customers? Read more here.

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