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Smart, seamless, and also sustainable. That’s the One!

The Smappee family of EV line chargers has just grown bigger and even more stylish with the addition of the brand-new Smappee EV One

Joining the award-winning range of Smappee EV Line chargers, the EV One adds a new dimension to what is already the most intelligent EV charging out there.


Seamless minimalistic design is a distinct feature of the beautiful award-winning range of Smappee chargers, and the EV One holds its own amongst the best.

Specially designed as a free-standing charger, the slim rectangular form of the black EV One is at home everywhere. Whether along your driveway or in a car park, as a foil for traditional architecture or a reflection of modern design, this charger is meant to be discreet and tastefully complement its environment.

But it is certainly no wallflower, the strong intrinsic simplicity of the EV One means that it always stands its ground, yet without being overpowering.

Real smart for business and home

The EV One is available in both home and business models. The EV One Home has integrated Smappee Infinity technology. For the work environment, the EV One Business can easily be combined with the Smappee Infinity energy monitor, which allows for adding multiple Smappee chargers while tapping into cost-saving smart features.

Since the launch of the first Smappee charger in 2020, Smappee’s EV Line of chargers has been growing smarter by the day. And naturally, it is no different for the EV One, which offers every bit of all the smartness that Smappee’s chargers are so renowned for.

Smappee makes it simple to always charge in the most affordable and sustainable way harnessing solar energy and capitalizing on the cheapest tariffs. You can look forward to saving up to a whopping 50%.

Smappee’s unique AI makes charging with dynamic and variable rates completely hands-free. And, with a simple setting in the Smappee app, you can choose your preferred capacity limit, which means avoiding exorbitant capacity rates is a simple set-and-forget.

You can also optimally charge your EV with solar energy with Smappee’s built-in solar forecasting, which is not only good for the planet but also for your wallet.

Form follows function

The Smappee EV One is not only sustainable by function but also in form. Manufactured in 100% multi-recyclable aluminum, it has intrinsic durability and consideration of life-cycle management. Even the packaging contemplates sustainability featuring only recycled cardboard.

The floor-mounted EV One has one connector, covered with a simple hatch in line with the surface. Functional feedback is given through the illuminated Smappee logo on top, simultaneously functioning as a charge card reader and beautiful ambient lighting.

Charging sessions can be started and stopped via QR code, RFID and smart EV schedules while, the Smappee app and management dashboard gives you all the control you want, from charging one EV at home to managing a whole fleet of charging sessions.

Tell me more!

Visit the Smappee home charger page for more information on the EV One and the rest of the Smappee EV Line. Installers can find technical details and product specifications in the catalogue.

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