In no less than 177 countries, the Energy Globe Award, runned under patronage of UNESCO, puts projects in the spotlights that offer solutions for the biggest environmental threats. Today, the national award for Belgium has been handed over to Stefan Grosjean, founder of Smappee.

The Smappee technology recognises the different patterns of every connected device; this in the same way we recognise melodies. This way, the different devices and their energy use are non-stop being monitored. These data are sent in real-time to an accessible app. With just one clip-on sensor attached to the fusion box, you obtain a complete overview of your energy consumption. The big advantage of this system: separate plug-ins for each device are no longer needed.

Sudden peaks, secret power guzzlers or an outdated device: Smappee registers all domestic consumption data, which you can consult – on your smartphone or tablet – both in a general or in a more specific overview. You can also take notice of the production of your solar panels.

In March, shortly after the launch of the energy monitor, which monitors electricity consumption, Smappee also launched a monitor for water and gas. This because not only electricity, but water and gas too become more and more rare. In fact, an average family annually pays about twice as much for water and gas than it does for electricity!

“We’re very proud of this award,” Stefan Grosjean says. “Smappee wants to take the lead in the energy transition. We want to give consumers independence and control over their own use and production. We see these as steps towards the time when homes will function as decentralised water and energy hubs. This is good for the planet ánd for our wallet.”

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