How to convince someone to get smart energy? We took many questions from solar installers who were eager to understand how Smappee and more broadly, energy monitoring technology can help expand their business beyond their core solar markets and how best to sell their expanding solutions to their customers.

We understand that smart solar+consumption monitoring is unfamiliar to most consumers and even installers, so we wanted to provide installers with some suggestions for introducing smart energy monitoring to their customers, both old and new.

When to introduce smart energy monitoring? Find out the three points in the solar sales cycle where solar installers can introduce smart energy monitoring such as the Smappee:

1. During the initial home assessment

Some customers may be just learning about solar and energy efficiency with the purpose of saving money on their utility bill, but they may not be aware of where they’re wasting electricity or how they might be using it. To help customers be aware of their energy usage, a Smappee partner installer can install the Smappee energy monitoring system for several weeks and set a time in the future to go over the data collected. The installation is both quick and simple and Smappee is on hand to support installers to evaluate the valuable takeaways from the initial data captured.

This process will not only allow the installer to help prospect customers see potential energy habits and savings, they’ll also have personal engagements with customers, strengthening the company reputation for being helpful and insightful solar and smart home experts.

If the customer does not want to keep the Smappee monitor, it can be uninstalled in a few minutes and used for another prospect’s home.

2. As part of the initial solar package quote

If a potential customer is ready to go solar and start comparing services and pricing, smart energy monitoring such as Smappee can really help differentiate installers from the pack.

By including Smappee as an added value that’s included in the price, solar installers can offer to turn customers’ solar home into a future-ready smart solar home with intelligent and automated energy monitoring that can accommodate new capabilities as needed and, like solar, will pay for itself over time with improved energy efficiency savings.

3. As an additional service offer

Due to a variety of reasons, from an old roof to too much shading or lack of financing, not everyone is right or ready for solar. When these situations happen, solar installers can still retain a new customer by offering a Smappee energy monitoring system, which can provide valuable energy savings and establish a customer relationship for a future solar or energy storage installation. The same smart home service offering can also be made to old customers who elect against solar monitoring at the time of installation. With the added smart home benefits, the customer may now want monitoring and perhaps add a battery or EV charger, as well. Find out how Smappee helps optimise self-consumption.

We hope these tips will help installers to introduce energy monitoring to their customers. Our Smappee team will continue to provide more business development tips to our partner installers over the coming months.

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