Smappee Smart meter module

Smappee is launching a smart meter module that adds intelligence to all digital energy meters world wide. The module is plug and play and reads the smart meter to offer consumers valuable insights into their energy consumption. Via the Smappee App they can track the always on power, gas and water consumption and real-time data on energy consumption and production. These insights allow them to save energy, money and the environment. The product can be tailored to any smart meter worldwide with corresponding app, dashboard and packaging.

Offering real added value to consumers.

Smart meters are the fundamental building blocks for the smart grid. With that digital, interconnected network in place, utilities will be able to deliver a more reliable energy supply, reduce the cost of production and offer energy savings to its customers. However, by the end of 2020 only 42.5% of all Europeans will have a smart meter. Consumers push back the installation as they lack proven added value.The Smappee Smart meter module can easily connect with the smart meter and will offer them real-time data on energy consumption via a user-friendly mobile app. Users can also view always on power, real-time and historical energy data per day, week, month or year. They will also know when they are sending solar power back to the grid. This data is available in the user-friendly Smappee App, the professional dashboard and via API. When using the optional NILM feature, Smappee is usually able to identify up to 5 of the most energy consuming appliances. Users can discover their energy guzzlers and take targeted energy saving measures to optimise their energy efficiency. That way, there are no surprises when their energy bill comes in.

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