Smappee Switch.

  • The genuinely intelligent smart plug.
  • Measure the exact consumption of your appliance(s).
  • Operate appliances remotely.
  • Simply touch the smart plug to turn an appliance on or off.
  • Clever design with integrated LEDs and extension cable.
  • Works with the Smappee energy monitor only.

A Switch makes you smarter and even more energy efficient.

Smappee Switch helps you to take action. If you know that your TV, games console or home office have high standby consumption, you can put an end to it with a handy Switch. Just one touch and everything on your Switch will be turned off. And that means completely off. But things could be even smarter. With the Smappee app, you can use the Switch to turn your devices on or off remotely at the most economical time. For example, you might want to make the most of the night rate. Additionally, if there is a peak in your solar energy production, for instance, the Switch can assign this extra power to your boiler.

The numbers tell the tale.

Smappee lets you know exactly how much energy you are consuming. Like a real energy detective, Smappee constantly scans all the consumption in your home. And pairing it with the Switch is absolutely ideal. This genuinely intelligent smart plug can tell you exactly how much the connected appliances are consuming.

Remote or on the spot.

You can use the app to operate the Switch remotely, but if you are right next it then all you need to do is touch it. Its clever design makes it a pleasure to use. Just a single tap, instead of dealing with all those buttons and plugs. And of course, you can also connect it to a power strip. No more stooping or bending required.

The extra smart link in the Smappee ecosystem.

Just one scan and your Switch will be connected to your Smappee app and the Smappee ecosystem. It measures, monitors and controls the energy flow in your home. And the Smappee Switch makes your response even smarter, so that your home is even more economical and energy-efficient. The Smappee Switch only works in combination with Smappee’s energy management system.