Welcome to the support page!  If you live in the US or in Canada, this is the place to be to find all the info you need to install and/or use your Smappee: installation videos, installation manuals, Help Center and FAQ. If you live elsewhere, please change the country selection in the upper right corner of your screen.

1. How to install your Smappee?

Installation videos

Do you want to see how Smappee is installed? Take a look at this video.

Note: we're also working on an installation video for the Solar version.

Energy Monitor

Installation Manuals

Download the installation manual for your Smappee monitor:

(Solar) Energy Monitor - Gas & Water - Smappee Pro

2. How to install & use the Smappee app?

Download the user manual:

Wi-Fi & App configuration

3. Still got questions?

Visit our Help Center for useful information about your Smappee, including a video blog on how to install it. f you can’t find the answer to your question, try using the search bar.

Definitely check out our FAQ


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