Smappee Infinity

Smart energy monitoring manufacturer Smappee has debuted its new energy management system Smappee Inifinity at this week’s E-World 2019 in Essen, Germany. Tailored for Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and OEM customers, Smappee Infinity provides in-depth, real-time energy insights to make informed and impactful decisions on energy use.

Public awareness of energy usage is growing as businesses and consumers face increasing and variable energy rates in addition to new legislations on buildings’ energy consumption. Therefore they are reaching out to ESCOs and looking for products to manage their energy efficiency. Smappee Infinity provides ESCOs and companies interested in energy integrations with a flexible, future-proof solution offering actionable data on energy consumption, production, and optimization, to address these market trends.

“Smappee Infinity provides its users with essential insights and tools to manage the energy flows in their building, office, or home and optimize the use of their renewable energy,” said Stefan Grosjean, CEO of Smappee. “As decentralized energy production becomes increasingly common, understanding and managing your energy is ever more essential. Smappee Infinity is the future-proof solution that empowers users to take action to immediately improve their energy efficiency and save costs.”

Tailored to growing market needs.

The launch of Smappee Infinity signifies a new direction for the company as the system is mainly targeting ESCOs and companies looking to integrate IoT energy technology into their offering.

Smappee Infinity features up to three methods of submetering to offer the most accurate and comprehensive smart energy management solution on the market. Smappee’s intuitive user dashboard visualizes energy data down to the appliance level and enables energy optimization and auto-consumption for maximum energy and cost savings at large scale.

Modular, easy to set up, reliable.

Smappee Infinity users can access and manage their data and ‘scenes’ through a personalized dashboard (desktop and mobile app), available in a professional and consumer (simplified) version. The visualization of the data allows users to quickly gain insights and take action to optimize their energy usage.

Boasting a unique combination of three types of “submetering” (submetering of circuits via current clamps, Smappee Switch smart plug and patented NILM technology), Smappee Infinity offers the most comprehensive real-time and historical energy data for electricity, solar, gas and water and optimized control over energy flows. Smappee Infinity is suitable for installation in locations ranging from private homes to office buildings, restaurants, shops and other multi sites facilities. Entirely modular, its three basic components are Smappee CT Hub(s), Smappee Power Box and Smappee Genius gateway.

Adding to its flexibility is the open API, allowing integration with EMS/BMS systems. This allows custom visualizations to be created to offer even more advanced insights on energy usage. In recent years Smappee has unveiled various partnerships with IoT products and platforms such as Nest and Amazon Alexa – relying on industry standards. This makes Smappee Infinity a highly interoperable system.

“We are proud of Smappee Infinity’s highly competitive total cost of ownership, which compares favorable to competitive solutions,” Grosjean added. “The installation is quick and easy, as the system is designed to be plug-and-play. Thanks to its modularity, additional single- or three-phased energy meters can be installed in five to ten minutes. Once installed, maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. Moreover, reliability is outstanding, allowing users to fully focus on optimizing their energy savings.”

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