Smappee EV Base. The smartest charging station for businesses in Belgium.

Harelbeke, Belgium – Belgian clean-tech company Smappee, known for its enhanced energy efficiency solutions, today launched its first charging station, the Smappee EV Base. Thanks to the integrated Smappee energy management technology, these stations offer smart EV charging, with built-in overload protection, optimised self-consumption, and real-time insight into charging costs. This integration also gives users insight into all other energy flows in the building. Smappee EV Base is primarily intended for businesses that want to get more value from their electric charging.

fleet electric charging
fleet electric charging

Smart EV charging.

There are three major issues associated with electric charging. Firstly, the higher energy demand during EV charging can blow fuses and damage circuits. Secondly, users become frustrated with the lack of insight into the charging process and costs. And finally, users want to be able to use their own solar power during the charging sessions. Thanks to the integrated Smappee intelligence the Smappee EV Base overcomes these drawbacks. This solution always keeps consumption below the limits of the current infrastructure, avoiding the need for expensive modifications to the power supply. By integrating with the solar power supply, batteries and other electrical appliances, EV Base makes maximum use of solar power generated on location for charging the EV fleet. Using the Smappee App and Dashboard, users and fleet managers can view the charging process and costs in real-time, and they can see the historical data as well.

Tailored to businesses.

The EV Base is mainly aimed at companies that want to charge several electric vehicles belonging to employees and visitors at the same time. Each charging station has two charging points with fixed charging cables for greater ease of use. With the integrated LED lighting, there’s no need to install additional lighting and the power cables this entails. This also increases safety in the car park. The sleek design, the simple housing made of high-quality ecological materials, and the quick installation all result in a cost price for the EV Base that is up to 30% under that of similar charging stations. The three payment options and the possibility to charge varying rates allows companies to optimise their EV Base revenue. And for those who need to get to an appointment fast, there is priority charging, where certain cars are charged faster than others.

Design element for your car park.

Smappee wants to transform the charging station from a necessity to an added-value feature in every car park. ‘This is a great moment in Smappee’s history,’ says Stefan Grosjean, CEO and founder of Smappee. ‘With the Smappee EV Base, we are taking our energy management expertise to the next level into the world of EV charging. Smappee EV Base is equipped with our unique energy management technology and strikes the perfect balance between design and intelligence. It charges cars simply and safely, while intelligently managing the building’s energy flows. What’s more, companies can have these stations fully reflect their brand. They are a real showpiece in every car park.’

Starting today, end users looking to have the Smappee EV Base installed on their premises can contact their accredited electrician or a Smappee Certified partner in Belgium. Electricians wanting to include the smart charging station in their product range can contact

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