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Charge your car safely and economically at home with Smappee’s latest charging solution.

Harelbeke, Belgium – Today Smappee launches its latest home charging solution: the Smappee EV Wall. This compact charging station with integrated energy management system offers smart charging. It allows for electric drivers to automatically charge using 100% of their solar energy, prevents fuses from blowing and provides insight into your charging process and costs.

Maximum solar energy use.

A charging station can have a huge influence on your home’s energy use. As a result, many people are looking for a way to optimally use their own solar energy for the purpose of charging. Thanks to its integrated energy management system and unique Artificial Intelligence, the EV Wall automatically maximises the use of renewable energy throughout the day. This lets you optimise your self-sufficiency and save costs. At the same time Smappee takes other energy flows in your home into account and provides overload protection to stop your fuses from blowing during peaks in energy consumption, such as when you are charging your car. 

Insight into and control of your charging process and costs.

Smappee EV Wall launch

Most electric vehicle drivers have to wait for their monthly bill to find out how much charging their vehicle costs. With the Smappee EV Wall you get a real-time overview of the charging process and charging costs in the Smappee App and the online Dashboard. You can also check how much of the free solar energy you produced yourself has been used to charge your car. Additionally you get insight into the energy consumption of your entire home, allowing you to take targeted action and check your energy use (including charging sessions) via the Smappee App and Dashboard.

The introduction of the EV Wall confirms Smappee’s strategy of expanding further into the e-mobility market. ‘As the use of electric vehicles increases, we see an ever-growing demand for greater energy management in order to overcome the inconveniences this brings with it,’ says Stefan Grosjean, CEO of Smappee. ‘That’s why we launched our first smart charging station, the Smappee EV Base, last year. With the EV Wall we want to offer the same intelligence for residential charging. There’s also a Business version of this compact charging station for businesses or people who want to pass their charging costs MID-grade onto their employer’.

The Smappee EV Wall can now be ordered from certified installers and distributors. Delivery starts at the beginning of March.

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