Smappee Infinity.

  • See real-time and historical energy data.
  • Save energy and money for you and your customers.
  • Optimise self-consumption.
  • Interoperable with IoT products.
  • Suitable for one-, two- and three-phase connections.
  • Modular, future-proof solution.

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Fast, accurate energy data.

Smappee Infinity collects real-time and historical production and consumption data down to the appliance level, resulting in actionable insights into your always-on, energy guzzlers and everyday energy use. By combining traditional submetering clamps, our smart plug Smappee Switch and our patented appliance recognition technology, Smappee offers the most complete and comprehensive set of submetering options available on the market. More on Smappee’s submetering options here.

Future-proof energy management.

Smappee Infinity can take on the role of a building’s energy traffic controller, automatically managing your or your customer's energy flows in the best possible way, thanks to Smappee Switch or custom-created scenes. For example, if you have solar, Smappee Infinity can determine whether to use your solar power for your heat pump instead of sending it back to the grid or store it in your home battery for later. It can automatically send less power to the charging station or your electric car when you start cooking so you do not risk blowing your fuses. This control over your energy flows enables optimised energy efficiency and self-consumption, turning a home into a smart, decentralised power hub.

Modular and comprehensive.

We know every customer is different. So, we’ve developed Smappee Infinity with flexibility in mind. Our comprehensive offering means you can pick and choose the features and services you need in order to deliver a solution tailored to your customer’s needs. Do you need more control, data or services over time? No problem! Thanks to the modularity of Smappee Infinity, you can always build on the existing solution to meet your updated needs.

The ingenuity of the Smappee technology.

The ingenuity of the Smappee technology.

Smappee Infinity is a modular energy management solution that allows easy installation in existing and new installations. It has three essential components:

Smappee CT Hub

The CT Hub is the main component of the monitoring system. You can connect up to 4 CTs or Rogowski coils to the CT Hub to measure different currents, ranging from 50A to 1000A. This allows for accurate submetering of (a group of) appliances. Daisy chain up to 7 CT Hubs to measure different installations up to a distance of 100 metres.

Smappee Power Box

The Power Box is the heart of the monitoring system as it provides power to all components. It measures the line voltage of the different connected phases and transfers the data via the Smappee Bus.

Smappee Genius

The Genius is the gateway between the monitoring system and the Smappee Cloud, ensuring secure data storage from different components. It also interacts with third party components, Smappee Gas & Water and Smappee Switch. Thanks to these various options, Smappee Genius allows Smappee Infinity to take on the role of a Home or Building Energy Management System (HEMS & BMS) and guarantee optimised self-consumption.

Low-cost, quick installation.

Thanks to its quick, easy installation and low maintenance costs, Smappee Infinity's total cost of ownership compares favourable with other competing solutions. The compact hardware makes it easy to fit into any distribution panel. The compact plug-and-play system is robust and reliable, with hubs connecting current clamps (CT’s). That way you spend less time on the set-up and more time on saving energy.

Interoperability with IoT products.

Smappee continuously expands its ecosystem with compatible third party IoT products and platforms that you can use to enrich your offer. Smappee is also open for partners including our technology in their products or services. We work with IP based connections and standards such as ModBus, MQTT and OCPP to quickly develop new use cases and speed up integration.

Multiple ways to access your data.

Providers and users can access the data in multiple ways. There’s an API for integration with EMS/BMS systems, a comprehensive professional dashboard for in-depth analysis, and a user-friendly app for consumers.

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