Infinity SMP Series

• Verify the impact of energy-saving measures.
• Interoperable with IoT products and services.
• Easy installation, low maintenance, over-the-air updates.
• Tailored dashboard with real-time and historical data.
• Protects your data and your privacy.
• Modular, future-proof.
• CE/UL certified & IEC 62053-21 active E class 1 compliant.

The world’s smartest Power Management system.

Infinity SMP Series provides the most comprehensive, future-proof Power Management system on the market. The modular approach radically reduces the total cost of deployment while future proofing your installation. Our cloud connected dashboard enables you to visualize your energy consumption on a per circuit basis, understand your power quality and integrate the data into your building management system.

Fast, accurate Energy Data tailored to your needs.

Our Smappee cloud collects real-time Energy Data, including Water, Air, Gas, Electric and Steam. Our analytics platform identifies your energy usage and savings potential and can be easily shared with third parties via dashboards, reports or open access to the data with our API and MQTT. With the Infinity SMP100 you bring revenue grade accuracy and visibility to your energy usage on a per circuit basis. It is the perfect solution if you are looking for submetering and energy conservation.

Reduce your Risk by identifying Power Quality Problems.

Our Smappee cloud brings all your energy savings together and combines that with the advanced power quality analytics. With the Infinity SMP300 you can pinpoint problem areas affected by poor power quality in your electrical distribution. This allows you to be proactive and take action before a catastrophic failure occurs.

Modular and comprehensive.

We know every situation is different. Which is why we have developed our Smappee platform with flexibility in mind. Our comprehensive offering allows you to select the product and features you require today and is only one-click away from expanding into tomorrow’s needs. With the Infinity SMP Series modular approach you can expand your system anytime from basic energy management to advanced power quality as your needs change.

Infinity SMP Series supports a modular approach up to 28 circuits to future-proof your needs, with Class 0.5% revenue grade accuracy. Installation options include Split Core CTs and Rogowski coils up to 10,000 A which significantly reduces your installation time.

Rogowski Coil; 0 A – 10,000 A
Split Core CTs; 0 A – 400 A

Infinity SMP Series requires only one Voltage sensor
per 28 circuits. The sensor intelligently matches the phase voltages to the currents. Easily installed in applications from 120V single phase to 480V three phase.

Voltage Module 120-277V 2P/3P

The Infinity SMP Series gateway ensures that all the data is synchronized to the cloud analytics platform in a cyber secure data push model. Available options include Ethernet, 4G/5G and Wi-Fi with internal and external antennas for those harsh environments.

Gateway Module Advanced

Futureproof and expand your Infinity SMP300 with a wide selection of modules such as Input and Output Modules to ensure all your utilities are managed in one place. The SMP300 supports up to 40 digital inputs and 20 digital outputs.

Input Module (optional)
Output Module (optional)

Smappee offers best-in class visualization of your data, tailored to your needs, allowing you to offer the best possible energy service for your clients with a comprehensive web-based tool, a user-friendly consumer app and a well-documented API and MQTT.

Mobile App

IoT Enabled Control.

Smappee can easily integrate and share data with other platforms. You can add control modules to the Smappee platform to automatically control loads, adjust your building management system and reduce your energy consumption. Save money today with Smappee.

Complete submetering.

Smappee offers the most complete and comprehensive set of submetering options available on the market allowing your company to lock in the level of accuracy, installation requirements and budget that best fits your specific needs. Get an accurate energy usage for cost allocation, tenant billing and various submetering applications. Provide a comprehensive utility costing, use Smappee as an indicator of potential upcoming failure and monitor state changes (low/high) to trigger other processes.

Fast, low-cost installations.

You can install and commission Infinity SMP Series in less than 10 minutes. Our modular plug-and-play system allows a combination of Split Core CTs or Rogowski coils for easy installation on various environments. The total cost of deployment is reduced by 70% over the competition.

All-in-one Power Management system.

The Smappee platform is your all-in-one Power Management system offering detailed real-time and historical energy data and power quality analysis. It gives you the ability to take control of your loads, to improve your energy efficiency and reduce your risk to catastrophic equipment failures. It offers intelligent automation to simplify your cost savings while ensuring cyber security of your data.

Partners trust our technology

Nobody leaves a tap running. And yet everybody wastes energy. Smappee helps you detect invisible energy consumption. It is an easy and affordable way to gain valuable insights into and more control over your energy consumption. 

Jean-Philippe Denruyter, Manager for Applied Energy Solutions of WWF

Thanks to Smappee Infinity I get a perfect overview of my business’ electricity, fuel and water consumption. This means I can take immediate, calculated decisions which can help me save costs right away.

Albert Burger, owner of Spar SaveMor supermarket in South Africa

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