E-Flux and Smappee start collaboration.

Today we will announce a brand new partnership with Belgian cleantech company Smappee. Smappee’s charging stations can be connected to the E-Flux eMobility platform. Together we offer a complete charging solution for companies and organisations that want to become more sustainable.

Smappee’s first series of charging stations is called the Smappee EV Base. The EV Base aims to develop a need of business. Furthermore, the EV Base has a capacity of 3.7 to 22 kW via a single or double socket type 2. In addition, Smappee’s built-in energy management technology makes it possible to apply dynamic load balancing for smart car charging. This ensures that you can charge optimally with solar energy or at off-peak rates, while the charging stations always take the energy needs of your building into account. In addition to the EV Base, the EV Wall and EV Wall Business for residential end-users can also be connected with the E-Flux eMobility platform.

Easy settlement with Smappee and E-Flux.

By connecting the Smappee charging stations with the E-Flux eMobility platform, it is easy for companies to manage charging sessions, allow guest use, and automatically settle charging costs with the employee and the employer. In addition, Smappee charging stations in combination with E-Flux receive 24/7 first-line support in case of problems. Furthermore, the E-Flux eMobility platform is also easy to access for the installer. The installer can read the charging stations remotely and receives a notification in the event of problems with the charging point.

It is also possible for companies that already use other charging station brands to add Smappee to their range while retaining the software.

“Smappee is a very innovative company in the field of energy management solutions that are widely used by our partners. By linking the Smappee EV Line and Smappee’s smart charging solutions, we now also offer our customers and partners the opportunity to manage the charging stations from the E-Flux eMobility system.“

Vincent van Vaalen, CEO at E-Flux

“We are very satisfied with the integration between Smappee and E-Flux. We are excited that the E-Flux customers can now charge really smartly by charging optimally with solar energy and at off-peak rates, which saves costs, while taking into account the energy needs of the building, avoiding overload and blown fuses. And if they want to, now or in the future, they can also optimize the energy efficiency of their building within the same system. That is real sustainability!”

Stefan Grosjean, CEO at Smappee

Over E-Flux

E-Flux is a full-service eMobility platform that combines services and services as a total solution for companies with an electric vehicle fleet. E-Flux does this together with a wide range of partners: 300+ installation companies, distributors, and manufacturers. In total, this serves 20,000+ EV drivers. The eMobility platform is completely hardware independent and can be linked to 23+ charging station brands. The platform makes it possible, among other things, to automatically settle charging sessions, set rates, and set up access management. E-Flux also offers a Field Service Management system for installers where remote maintenance can be performed. E-Flux is now active in nine European countries and has extensive roaming, allowing our users to charge at 200,000+ charging points throughout Europe. E-Flux relieves a wide range of companies that want to electrify their fleet or have already done so. Some companies that use E-Flux are Abbott, Baker Hughes, Holland Casino, Rabobank, Hilton.

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