On top of providing insights into real-time and historical energy data, Smappee also offers users control of how and when energy is used (for users with a Smappee Genius as gateway). Smappee continuously expands its ecosystem with compatible third party IoT products and platforms. Smappee is also open for partners including our technology in their products or services. We work with IP based connections and standards such as ModBus, IoT language MQTT and OCPP. So we can quickly develop new use cases and speed up integrations. Furthermore, the Smappee Automations smart formulas, the Smappee Output module and the Smappee Switch smart plug open up even more automation possibilities. Smappee’s smart home or business compatibility means peace of mind and better control. Get an idea of how users can create their connected home or business with the Smappee ecosystem below.

Make life easier and more time-efficient.

Focus on next business opportunities and don’t worry about the electricity bill. Power down your home office with a Switch when your geolocation is more than 200 meters from the home. Immediately wind down when you come back by automating the radio to turn on as soon as there is activity in the house. Preheat the sauna every Sunday evening and start the following week off with a clear head. It’s all possible by connecting the appliances you want to automate to a Smappee Switch and setting up smart home formulas with the Smappee Automations in the app.

With Smappee’s Smart EV charging, you make sure your EV is charged by the time you need it. Meanwhile, you’re using as much solar energy as possible, without worrying about overloads.

Improve energy efficiency.

Avoid high stand-by consumption. Automate appliances with a high stand-by consumption, like a television, to turn off when your smart camera detects you’re not at home. Only consume energy when it’s useful. Connect the AC to a Smappee Switch and make it turn on automatically at a certain time. Put energy guzzlers on a diet with a Smappee Switch. Use it to remotely allocate them the power they require.

Optimise self-consumption and self-sufficiency.

Optimise investments in renewable energy sources for your business. Create a Self-consumption optimiser Automation to use any residual solar energy to charge the electric car while you’re working. Car completely charged? See how the excess solar energy is stored in the VARTA Storage system. Then make sure the building has enough self-produced power to make it through the evening and night by automating the energy flows in the building. For example, only the air conditioning work when solar panels neutralise the consumption of the AC unit. Or adapt energy consumption to the seasons and lower the electric roller shutters, connected to a Switch, at sunset with a Sunset/Sunrise Automation.

Create a safe and healthy environment.

Guarantee employees a healthy work environment. Manage workplace temperature according to regulatory advice by controlling Nest Learning Thermostat remotely.

Alternatively, make your family feel safe at home and avoid danger of high CO levels. Turn on the ventilation systems remotely when Smappee lets you know if gas is being used unnecessarily when Nest ProtectTM detects high levels of carbon monoxide.

Verify the impact of energy-saving measures.

Know what’s going on first thing in the morning. See how your electricity and always on usage compare to that of similar households in the Smappee App.

Discover even more smart tools that are compatible with Smappee on our ‘Works with’ page.

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