Smappee Switch

Energy monitoring innovator Smappee has launched the latest addition to its smart energy ecosystem with Smappee Switch, the most unique smart plug on the market. Smappee Switch enables homeowners to remotely control and discover the energy consumption of almost any household appliance in tandem with their Smappee energy monitors.

Consumers can use Smappee Switch in any home with a Smappee energy monitor to transform traditionally “dumb” appliances into smart ones. Smappee’s smart plug measures the exact energy consumption of one or a group of appliances, and directly relays this data to the free Smappee app. With a single touch of the Smappee Switch or remotely via the Smappee app, users can turn connected appliances on and off. This provides homeowners with far easier control of their appliances and ensures they are never unnecessarily using electricity in their home.

“With the introduction of Smappee Switch, we can now offer homeowners a more complete look into their energy consumption and create a fully connected home,” says Stefan Grosjean, CEO of Smappee. “By giving homeowners the ability to discover invaluable consumption data about their appliances, we are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to discovering the energy use in a home. The Smappee smart energy ecosystem empowers the consumer to truly maximize their energy efficiency and electricity savings.”

For contractors and installers partnering with Smappee, the launch of the Switch provides them with the most complete smart energy management offering on the market. Smappee’s ecosystem allows for unmatched flexibility and innovation for existing, new or to-be-built homes. Smappee Switch also enables installers to offer homeowners demand response capabilities, meaning they can better manage their energy consumption during the most economical times. For example if they have solar panels on their roof, the Switch uses smart triggers to assign excess power from the solar system to the boiler, providing greater cost savings on a homeowner’s electricity bill.

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